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steam 3p 2v2

Posted: 18 February 2017, 01:16
by Ashardalon ... 795956033/

a complaint about the possible missing person in 2v2
might be nice to have somekind of explanation of why this happens on steam

has also been reported a long time ago
has there been any progress towards fixing this or reducing its frequency?

Re: steam 3p 2v2

Posted: 20 February 2017, 14:20
by Blexus Falconer
Greetings Ashardalon,

You are right when you say this is a connection issue: This is due to a player with a poor connection trying to join the game.
We already reduced the number of occurrences by adding a fix (it was around the Tau DLC if I remember correctly) but apparently this is something that we weren't able to get rid of completely. :?
I will escalate the issue to the Dev Team to see if they can do something about that.

I have also answered to the Steam user.

Thank you for pointing that out.