AI stupidity

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Re: AI stupidity

Postby Mirorog » 24 April 2017, 17:23

Blexus Falconer wrote:
Mirorog wrote:General AI problems is a big and complicated problem, however, all ally ships that are not randomly generated (ones that have unique names\captains, like The Flame Of Purity) just don't have an engagement range set. So it's not at AI problem, and I'm sure it's easier to fix.

Still: we can't patch the game with one 'easy' fix and make another one later with the harder ones. Fixing and adjusting the game cost resources and we need to be efficient in this case, by making a huge batch of fixes (plus testing them all at the same time).
On top of that, each patch need to be uploaded to Steam: we can't modify values on the fly like some online game. :s

Then, i'll wait :)

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