Stasis Bomb - Weapon Cooldown

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Stasis Bomb - Weapon Cooldown

Postby Lens » 22 October 2016, 13:55

I've noticed a bug with the Stasis Bomb and weapon cooldowns. This is espacially noticeable on weapons with long reload times like the bombardement cannon. After getting stuck inside a Stasis Field the Battlebarge Mk I for example wouldn't fire for almost a minute. Consecutive Stasis Bombs seem to worsen this bug.
So far i encountered this bug in solo and coop.

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Re: Stasis Bomb - Weapon Cooldown

Postby Focus_Karl » 31 October 2016, 13:31


Thank you for your report. You're right, the ships take too long to shoot after exiting a Stasis Bomb.

I've notified the devs about it.
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