AI ships

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AI ships

Postby Neighbor Kid » 28 September 2016, 03:54

So I'm wondering. The AI controlled ships don't seem to be very smart. I see them constantly running into minefields, and asteroid fields. Is this an issue in which is needing to be fixed? Its like the AI is just going all YOLO lol.

Also, beyond the orks, because AI with the orks they will actually try to ram here n there, but I see no other fleets trying to ram, or if they get stuck or enclosed between enemy ships, they dont try to push them selves out of the way. I also wanted to know if the AI doesnt know how to use high energy turns?

As we know from before the game came out it was supposed to have excellent AI to where it could control it's self, while auto setting skills, it does so so.. is there a reason while playing as say the IN maneuvers as in Ahead full or high energy turn isn't something the AI controls?

As to Eldar AI, its a fleet that is supposed to stay at range.. it is not an up and personal fleet, yet the AI will come to point blank with you. While they do cause some good damage, they easily open themselves to ramming, and its probably one of the easiest AI fleets to defeat because of this. Not sure if this is flawed, or just how the AI is acting or designed to act.

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