No Planet Killer in elite mode

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No Planet Killer in elite mode

Postby Mirorog » 28 August 2016, 10:11

I've played 8 boss battles, and never saw the Planet Killer, only Blackstone Fortresses and Space Hulks.

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Re: No Planet Killer in elite mode

Postby Ashardalon » 28 August 2016, 11:23

same for me
is it just super rare?
are you holding them back so you can send 10 after us at elite rank 100?
i would really like to face that ship again

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Ahzek Ahriman
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Re: No Planet Killer in elite mode

Postby Ahzek Ahriman » 28 August 2016, 13:10

Have you tried backing up and then overwriting the save to try boss battle again instead of doing another 10 battles?

I never had problem with encountering PK but I haven't played elite for a while, something may have messed up in the game's code but remember how wild RNG in this game is. Long series of ridiculousness like 15(!) consecutive failed boarding actions (most with CSM upgrade) against cruiser with basic 60 troop value, like I did a few times. Or no crits sustained at all for a dozen games, and then a series of 3 games in a row where I took a lightning crit to the prow of my Despoiler (that was before temp crits).

If you haven't tried the back-up trick, try it and tell us if you still haven't met PK.
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Re: No Planet Killer in elite mode

Postby Vahouth » 15 September 2016, 18:29

Planet Killer was my second boss fight in Elite. Maybe its a RNG thing.

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