Slaughter battery tooltips

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Re: Slaughter battery tooltips

Postby Imperator5 » 17 August 2016, 10:47

Focus_Jolan wrote:
Imperator5 wrote:So they do 2 lance shots and 4 macro shots, not 6 lance and 6 macro. The tooltip just needs a bugfix as its display is in error.

Indeed, it seems more correct than the tooltip's values.
I'll report it to developpers now.

Thank you.

Happy to help!

NickEcho wrote:
Imperator5 wrote:It is generally easier and less error prone to use DPS and not DPM.

Hybrid batteries are literally half of a Battery and half of a Lance smashes together.

So they do 2 lance shots and 4 macro shots, not 6 lance and 6 macro. The tooltip just needs a bugfix as its display is in error.

So correct DPS, assuming the Macro weapon data is any good from the tooltip is:

3 damage 4 times, every 3 seconds. That means 4 dps.

Assuming that the lance is the same as the other chaos lances statwise except range, but with half the firepower:

4 damage 2 times, every 8 seconds. That means 1 dps.

So it is 5 dps, which would be 5x60=300 DPM. For both batteries that's 600 dpm. This is of course raw damage without accuracy and armour reductions.

When there is weaponry that takes up to 15 seconds to reload, I find it easier, and more realistic to use damage per minute. Easier and in my opinion, actually less error prone to calculate expected damage when taking armor and accuracy into account as well, because usually there are no numbers that end up after the comma. Personal preference to be honest.

If your assumptions are correct, 600 damage per minute broadside would make sense. This is the reason I am asking for a clarification, because the tool tip being wrong is more likely than 1440 damage per minute broadside.

I just think it is easier on the brain to calculate DPS.

DPS: damage X number of shots /reload time

DPM: Damage X Number of shots X ( 60 seconds / reload time)

The DPM adds an additional calculation into it, and thus leaves more room for error. If you are not a math genious or tired it can be a nice bonus

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Re: Slaughter battery tooltips

Postby Ahzek Ahriman » 17 August 2016, 14:39

NickEcho wrote:
Ahzek Ahriman wrote:
I would suggest to cease using double broadside numbers.

It is very confusing for other people and it is more natural to give numbers for a single broadside. When talking about dps/dpm/single salvo everyone visualizes hypothetical situation when 2 ships duel with each other, both 0 armour and both with perfect accuracy. BUT you can only fire at one ship with only a single broadside. Most players deduce usefulness of a given weaponry by the amount of dmg they can dish out to single ship.

Yes in a lot of situation you'll be firing off both broadsides with such cq oriented fast ship, but still let's stick to a less situational convention.

I am using the damage output of a single broadside, that in this case consists of 2 batteries and I did not take the turrets into account.

My bad, I thought 720 is for a single broadside, guess it's time to go back to elementary for reading lessons.
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