Nurgle wants hugs!

Admiral! Introduce yourself here!
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Nurgle wants hugs!

Postby Dreese5581 » 30 April 2016, 02:49

Hello I am dreese and i just wanted to say hi. Good to see how the forum has evolved a bit, I have been playing since when the open beta started and i like the changes. I am really big on playing TT and enjoy seeing this game move to the computer. I play a chaos fleet while sometimes working on my eldar. I post a bit on the forums so you may have already seen me here.

Hope everyone has fun in their games!
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Re: Nurgle wants hugs!

Postby Deidryt » 30 April 2016, 13:50

First: No Hugz For You!

Second: You sound confused... are you Nurgle or Tzeentch?

Third: Welcome -- I've been really glad to read your insights on tactics that various factions can use against each other. Gives me something to think about beyond what's already been said.

Also, (because I've asked this a few times already of other people) do you delve into any other gaming universes besides Warhammer 40k?

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