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Ewald von Holden - Battlefleet Gothic

Postby Atherius » 29 April 2016, 15:54

***Archive Open***
--Insert Security Clearance Magenta--
***Access Granted***

Subject: Ewald von Holden
Bloodline: Atherius Terra
Affiliation: Battlefleet Gothic
Rank: Admiral

Fleet: "Repemption of Althalus"

- Retribution Class; "Hammer of Thor"
- Mars Class; "Redemptor"
- Overlord Class; "Saint Ulrik"
Heavy Cruisers:
- Lunar Class; "Victor Roburis"
- Dominator Class; "Graf Volkmar"
- Gothic Class; "Alliegance"
Light Cruisers:
- Dauntless Class; "Bragg's Revenge"
- Dauntless Class Mk.II: "Corinthian"
- Dauntless Class; "Sword of Herod"
- Dauntless Class Mk.II; "Valiance"

Ancestry: Norwegian
Age of Originator: 34

I have been interested in fantasy, science fiction and the supernatural and fantastical as long as I can remember. In ages past I played Magic; The Gathering from 1995-2006. I started to dabble in the fantasy side of Warhammer in 2003. Since then I've had a go at Necromunda and Bloodbowl minatures as well. I never actually started collecting 40k and Battlefleet Gothic miniatures, but I've played almost every computer game for pc, with a couple of exceptions, even played WH40k Epic; Final Liberation and WH40k: Rites of War back in the day.

Beyond games I am an avid book reader and have read multiple tomes of Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, as well as many other books of fantasy and science fiction. As the name of the fleet suggests my favorite book of all time is the "Redemption of Althalus". I am also fond of movies, and when funds allow; good food, good pubs, countryside exploration and travelling.

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