Admiral Vaux reporting, and requesting allies!

Admiral! Introduce yourself here!
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Admiral Vaux reporting, and requesting allies!

Postby TheWorldSmith » 29 April 2016, 01:59

Right now I'm commanding the Imperial Navy, considering doubling up as a servant of the Ruinous Powers at a later date, although I'm unsure of their loyalty plan - Not to mention the Imperium's severance package is, you know... Death, and all that.

I'm lookin' for some allies to crush traitor and xenos forces with. (That being some friends for the 2v2 battles if people haven't figured it out. ^.^)

Personally I play a lot of TRPGs and I played a few BFG games when it was active. Right now I've a Tech Priest crushing treachery in a Dark Heresy game and I'm searching for another.

I'm also wondering if there's a Teamspeak server floating around that I could join? It's getting kind of lonely here... Being the CO and all, flirtin' with the lower ranks is off the table.

Edit: And by the looks of things, I'm not the only lore-junkie! Whoop!
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