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Admiral! Introduce yourself here!
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Star Prince GrinningD

Postby GrinningD » 27 April 2016, 23:22

Greetings to you all!

I am Grinning Daemon - a name I have carried on the Internet since it's birth and a name both feared and ridiculed during those distant days of TT BFG, Blood Bowl and the hallowed grail of Necromunda.

I have played BFG:A early access began and haunted the boards since early February. I am and Eldar player by trade but I can get by with Orks and the Imperium. Chaos can go feth themselves. Stupid 15K lance boats grumble grumble heresy

I first discovered Tindalos with Stellar Impact a very fun MOBA which sadly could not stand up to the competition's vast array of characters and mod history.

In short - I am an old fogey who loves his tall ships and grimdark and only wants to see this game succeed and prosper.

Good luck to you all and always probe those asteroid fields - you never know what you might spot.

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Inspector of War
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Re: Star Prince GrinningD

Postby Inspector of War » 27 April 2016, 23:48

You go by the name of Grinning Daemon, yet you don't play Chaos? That's Double Heresy there! :lol:
Welcome aboard!
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Cripple X
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Re: Star Prince GrinningD

Postby Cripple X » 28 April 2016, 00:23

I had the same thought as Inspector when I read your post. You must be a Daemon of Malice/Malal. Chaos against itself. Welcome!
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