Commissar Drakki the estImed officer is KIA.

Admiral! Introduce yourself here!
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Commissar Drakki the estImed officer is KIA.

Postby Drakki » 10 August 2016, 17:12

Greetings admirals, Xenos and Heretics, I bring sad (or happy depending on which sides of his guns you happened to be) news! Lord Commissar Drakki was lost along with the battleship he was asigned to, the " Litany Of Judgement".
Hencefore he will not be among us. In his last letter recovered from the debris fields he says thanks to friends and enemies of Battlefleet Ghotic, may all sail long for the Emperor!.

On a serious foot now. Due to circumstances of personal life and a diagnosed gaming adiction I am forced to leave BFG and all other PC games for life but I wanted to drop by here and say farewell and thanks to both the Devs and all friends and enemies I have encountered for the run, it sure was fun while it lasted, now its time for me to fix my life a little bit :P

On a bright side, I may finally have times to paint my minatures! Hurrrr-fething-yay!

Best of luck everyone!
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Re: Commissar Drakki the estImed officer is KIA.

Postby Ashardalon » 10 August 2016, 19:44

diagnosed gaming adiction?? dont know if i should wish you a good recovery or a better psych jkjk

may Tzeensh guide your fate onto a path that suits it
was fun having you around

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Re: Commissar Drakki the estImed officer is KIA.

Postby Spire » 20 August 2016, 12:36

You will be remembered upon Holy Terra, Commissar Drakki.
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