Graphics, sound, user interface and music

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Graphics, sound, user interface and music

Postby Imperator5 » 11 March 2016, 02:18

So far, all of these seem great! I make these special topics so we can give devs feedback. So the developer doing the balance can check balance impressions, the one doing art this one, etc.

-Music is good and fits the game.

-Sounds are much better than CTT, much louder. Good work.

-Graphics are great, I love the visuals. Bonus points for both Chaos marks and Imperial favours!

-My only problem is that the Anti-analising really, really, really, really blurs the models at a distance, to the point that I wonder if I left my glasses off or not. This should be fixed.

Overall, great job, top quality!

Please help me change skirmish to be customisable. Its very important for PVE players.

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