The Beta Has Arrived!

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The Beta Has Arrived!

Postby Netheos » 10 March 2016, 11:56

Greetings Admirals,

The Battlefleet Gothic: Armada multiplayer beta has begun! Before you embark on your crusade in the Gothic Sector, we have a few pieces of key intel to share:

Accessing the Multiplayer Beta
To gain instant access to this multiplayer beta, you will need to pre-order Battlefleet Gothic: Armada through the Steam store. The beta will then be available for installation in your library, under the standard name of ‘Battlefleet Gothic: Armada’.

With regards to localization, this multiplayer beta is available in English only.

You can view the system requirements for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada HERE

Preparing For Battle
Before jumping into glorious battle against your fellow players, we’d recommend playing through the Campaign Prologue. This acts as a tutorial to teach you the basics of gameplay, and sets the scene for the Gothic War in which the game takes place.

This multiplayer beta allows you to play as either Imperium or Chaos, which make up two of the four races that will appear on the game’s release. Along with multiplayer, you also have the option of playing in offline skirmishes against an AI fleet.

We Want To Hear From You!
Please remember that this is a real beta, and does not represent the quality of the final product. There may be bugs, and things could go wrong!

As developers, we are incredibly excited and eager to hear what you think about the Battlefleet Gothic: Armada multiplayer beta. Don’t be afraid to share your comments, positive or otherwise – it all helps us in ensuring the finished game is as good as it can be.

Also remember that you are not under any kind of NDA during this beta. This means you can stream, share, screenshot and talk about everything you see in the game – in fact, we strongly encourage it!

Beyond the Beta
We will be wiping all online progress at the end of the multiplayer beta. This will help to avoid the unfair advantage beta participants may otherwise have in online play when Battlefleet Gothic: Armada releases fully.

The multiplayer beta will be playable all the way until the full release of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

All glory to the Emperor!

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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby jehts » 10 March 2016, 12:11

Hello, thanks for the heads up ! I wanted to know if there was any way we'd get a pre-download available on steam ? my internet is abysmal and so even an hour or two of pre-loading would help quite a bit.

Thanks anyway for the hard work! :mrgreen:

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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby Larkis » 10 March 2016, 12:13

Indeed. a Preload would be very cool. Lets say 9pm + 3h download... :?

Hoe big will the client be? I can get 30gb in 1.5h :D

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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby LordGregory » 10 March 2016, 12:13

The hype is real :D 1 more sleep until the heretics will be purged!

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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby Ultroth » 10 March 2016, 12:39


+1 for pre-load
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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby Brutoni » 10 March 2016, 12:42

Yeah would really appreciate a preload.

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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby Sputnik » 10 March 2016, 12:45

See you all later! =)

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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby GreySeer » 10 March 2016, 12:51

How about system requirements?
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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby Imperator5 » 10 March 2016, 12:56

This is great... but why no Eldar or Orks?

Please help me change skirmish to be customisable. Its very important for PVE players.

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=515 Mod idea.

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Re: The Beta Is Warping In!

Postby Wolfie » 10 March 2016, 13:06

I'd guess they will get added when the Vids for them get released. That way they can keep the excitement simmering for the duration of the Test rather than risk it petering out before release.

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