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Stuff From Website Mainpage

Postby Drakausa » 29 February 2016, 19:12

1) Ships in campaign can leave battle (disengage?) repair (timed) and then return to game. Something called Renown points can restore ships quickly.
2) Admirals can gain ranks that allow a broader selection of ship types.
3) Captains gain skill levels opening new 'slots' on a ship (upgrades?).
4) Ship Customization: Weapons, defenses, support subsystems, crew, Captains and (more?).
5) Captains Skills: Support, agility, tanking, firepower, detection. Unknown relation to ship 'slots' from #3.
6) Upgrades: Enhance Weapon type, Increase detection range, engines run 'silent', strengthen hull, increase shield capacity.
7) Destroyed ships: Wait for repair during battle, repair quickly with Renown points, ships lost in warp wait thru many battles before returned.
8) Campaign: Says we command a Battlefleet. (unsure if we start with ships?). Branching missions provide access to Resources and Allies. No further explanation for these statements.
9) Missions: Destroy enemy fleet, Escort Convoy, Protect Naval Base, Recover data from enemy ship, Prevent Exterminatus, Survive.

Just some stuff from main page outlines on Website page for general interest.

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