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Re: Ship Profiles

Posted: 18 February 2016, 23:23
by CALiGeR190
Brutoni wrote:I'm looking forward to trying out an Imperial fleet modelled around Faster warships. If the Invincible class BB is in the game then so much the better. I'll probably mix in some carriers to provide that distraction factor. Perhaps use terrain to hide my "hit and run Brawlers" and lure the enemy onto them using my carriers. Smash through the enemy unleashing broadsides and then have them between my forces. Do they continue for my carriers while I smash their rear with fast brawlers. Or do they chase the now escaping brawlers while my fighters pick them off.

I'm loving your posts btw. Looking forward to the Light Cruisers.

Do you have a preference on carriers?
I'm assuming you'd pick the Dictator, cheapest and quickest, being essentially a cruiser/light carrier hybrid.
But a single Emperor is a potent fleet Carrier and Ship-of-the-Line, despite the loss of mobility in the grand scale of things.

Have you also considered other fleet load outs making use of the Nova Cannon?
They can be devastating to both grouped up enemies and hard targets at range (being essentially Extreme range anti-ship artillery).
It always interests me to hear what ship classes people will make their fleets up of.

Re: Ship Profiles

Posted: 20 February 2016, 16:14
by CALiGeR190
Imperial Light Cruisers
Humble, yet deadly

Dauntless.jpg (129.44 KiB) Viewed 10528 times

Dauntless Class

The Dauntless Class is the most common light cruiser found in the Imperium (and in service with pirates), her simple construction and respectable armament for a ship of her weight class making her one of the most heavily mass produced capital ship classes in Imperial history.
Dauntless Class is equipped with two batteries of light Macro cannons, Dorsal light Macro turrets and either a set of prow-mounted torpedo launchers or a lance. The Light Macro Cannons don't have the penetrative power of their larger cousins, but can be loaded and fired much faster, allowing for a greater saturation of fire and chance to hit at mid and short range: and despite the lack of stopping power, they are still deadly to soft targets like transports, escorts, raiders and other light cruisers; and the Dauntless has a lot of them.
In combination with a standard Lance and the classes high speed, the Light cruiser is a terror to any enemy escort or light cruiser foolish enough to try and assault the little space-faring predator.
In combination with torpedoes, the light cruiser can be crippling to larger capital ships, as groups of the little vessels fire swarms of torpedoes into the mass of slower maneuvering warships.

The light cruiser does suffer from the typically light armour of the ships of her weight class, and her firepower can't match anything that can be found on larger vessels: but that is largely negated by the ship commonly being deployed in large squadrons during large fleet engagements.

The Light Cruiser has various claims to fame across the Imperium, the Gothic War was no exception.
The Dauntless Class vessels: Havok, Guardian, Abdiel and Vanguard all making accounts of themselves for being the first vessel to engage the Chaos Armada in the opening stages of the Chaos offensive. Vanguard and Abdiel were lost, after stalling the superior chaos forces for nearly an hour, but Guardian and Havok would go on to survive the Gothic war and serve pivotal roles in the war against Pirate and Chaos forces.
General service of the Dauntless was also good. Effective as a convoy escort and flagship for patrol fleets, but truly excelling as scout cruisers: having powerful auspex equipment for ships of their size, good speed and mobility and enough firepower to intercept and destroy enemy scouts attempting to relay Imperial positions to their home-fleet.

These humble warriors may be small, cheap as chips, and more common than sand on a beach: but their respectable firepower for ships of their type and high speed means that you're a fool indeed if you underestimate these warships in fight.
The Dauntless Class is the scout cruiser of the Imperial fleet.


Defender.jpg (101.88 KiB) Viewed 10526 times

My favorite light cruiser: Defender Class

This class of light cruiser is believed to be a modification of the far more common Dauntless class, being very similar in appearance, construction and internal systems.
The defender class is a Warship which appears to have been built specifically to give opposing escorts light cruisers nightmares: being armed to the teeth with Light Macro batteries and turreted Light lances. The Light lances may not have the range or raw power of their larger cousins, but they can still do catastrophic damage to shielded targets once in range and are an absolute terror to enemy light cruisers: as they ignore what little armour they have and can overload and destroy their internal systems. This lethal armanet only made worse by a prow mounted Lance, capable of melting enemy escorts in molten slag far beyond their effective engagement range, and do critical damage to enemy Light cruisers attempting to close with the ship.

The ship does however have weaknesses. The light lances (like their larger cousins) consume a lot of energy for their weight class and have a slow rate of fire, this means power has to be taken out of the engines to feed the insatiable hunger for energy these weapons have: this makes the defender slow when compared to the Dauntless, despite still being faster than a standard cruiser, and the long range auspex equipment having to also be removed due to the power requirements of her aramanets.
This makes the Light cruiser very poorly suited to long-range patrol and scout duties.
The ships weapons are also poorly suited for taking on larger targets, the smaller lances lacking the range and power to contest the weapons found on larger vessels.

The Defender class is, however, an incredible escort and flagship for small merchant fleets: her firepower and speed being a perfect counter to enemy pirates and skirmish fleets that may attempt to destroy convoys and merchant vessels. The Defender has served this role well across the Imperium. One of them, the Alien Bane, achieving an incredible kill tally in the Gothic War by defending convoy operations: destroying 17 escort-sized pirate vessels and some 204 pirate strike craft in one battle.
The same defender would go on to see combat against Ork and Eldar fleets also, crippling or destroying the escort-heavy fleets as they attempted to destroy the deadly vessel.

The Defender Class is the heavy-escort and convoy flagship of the Imperium.


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Posted: 20 February 2016, 17:40
by CALiGeR190
Enforcer.jpg (129.14 KiB) Viewed 10517 times

Enforcer Class

The Enforcer Class is a warship feared by many, being a symbol of Imperial power and authority on many worlds, the Enforcer Class rarely seeing service in front-line combat but instead in wide use as a PDF ship and keeping worlds from rebelling against the Imperium.
The Enforcer Class armament reflects this: a pair of light hanger bays, ensuring that Imperial forces on the ground always have air supremacy over any insurgency, and a turreted lance for destroying enemy strongholds on the ground and any space-faring vessels the rebels may posses with extreme prejudice and efficiency.
The Enforcer being so effective in this role that one of them, the Imperial Ghost, preventing chaos-fueled rebellion in an entire sector: destroying chaos and rebbel escorts across multiple planets and supporting Imperial ground forces across the sector until an Imperial fleet could respond.

Despite the Enforcer being very well suited to crushing revolts and small-scale fleet combats, she is poorly suited to larger fleet engagements, her low armour and small number of batteries and strike craft making her an easy target to overwhelm and destroy for other light cruisers and escorts squadrons: although the turreted Lance can be extremely dangerous to unshielded targets.

The Enforcer Class did see some service in the early stages of Gothic War, Battlefleet Gothic being desperate for carrier capable warships. She performed well against pirate fleets, turreted Lance and strike craft proving an effective counter to the swarmed and poorly armoured vessels: but proved to be a dismal warship when fighting Ork and Chaos forces, being replaced in the escort carrier role by the Dictator class in the mid and late Gothic War.

This warship is the escort carrier, ground support vessel and 'Enforcer' of the Imperium.


Endeavor.jpg (118.29 KiB) Viewed 10503 times

The Endeavor series Light Cruisers.

These cruisers all follow the same General setup: cruiser armour and armament on a light cruiser chassis (sacrificing the speed for a 'miniature cruiser' of sorts). Different Battle Fleets have made their own variants of the original Endeavor, to fit weapons better suited to their needs and preferences, resulting in a series of very similar vessels which have seen service across the Imperium as heavy escorts.
The original plan behind the vessels being to create vessels that could be quickly and easily mass produced across the Imperium, to expand the number of ships in the Imperial navy equipped with standard capital ship weapons (the lighter versions of the lances and macro cannons being only effective vs light and unarmoured targets).

Endeavor: Endeavor was the original vessel thought up by the Admirals of battlefleet Calixis. The warship is armed with a single battery of Macro cannons, which are deadly to other light cruisers and escorts, as well as being able to cause serious damage to larger enemy vessels if deployed in groups. She was also equipped with a pair of Torpedo launchers to further increase her damage output on large targets as she closed in on a target.

Endurance: Endurance class was a vessel, designed from the Endeavor class, by Battlefleet Armageddon. The Macro Cannon performance being spotty when facing hordes of heavily armoured Ork vessels. The Endurance, in pace of the Macro Battery, has a Lance deck: a pack of these light cruisers being a deadly threat to anything foolish enough to close within range.

Defiant: Defiant Class was built by Battlefleet Gothic as an escort carrier from a number of Endeavor Class vessels that were in service with Battlefleet Gothic at the time. The modifications where to have the torpedoes and torpedo launchers removed to free up space for hanger capacity and put a launch bay in place of the Macro Cannons. This was done since strike craft where far more valued weapons against pirate raiders, and the strike craft were perfect for flushing out pirate operations and providing close-in escort for convoys.

All three classes have since migrated from their Battlefleet of origin and can be found in service with virtually all battle fleets within the Imperium. Endurance, Endeavor and Defiant classes all seeing service in the Gothic war as heavy escorts for capital ships and for critical convoy operations, proving very effective both behind the scenes and in the line of battle.

These cruisers are the Heavy escorts of the Imperium.


Re: Ship Profiles

Posted: 20 February 2016, 17:46
by CALiGeR190
Brutoni wrote::D love the Dauntless! I admit I have never used or even been aware of the existence of the Defender. Super coor concept but still prefer the Dauntless.

Also unless I am wrong the Dauntless had 2 lances. 1 prow and 2 on the wings all with a forward arc!

Technically correct, but most people on the TT don't count them and there is little to no reference of their use in the lore.

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Posted: 21 February 2016, 16:06
by CALiGeR190
Bonus Profile
By Imperator5

*I didn't cover this battleship initially for the small numbers in serve (only 4 in service with the Imperial navy battlefleet Tempestus) and similarities to the Apocalypse Class.
**Imperator5 offered to do this profile.
If other want to do so: 1) Wait until I've done the category that ship will be classed under, I may be getting around to it.
2) Show what you've done in a separate topic Do Not post any profiles directly onto this topic without my authorisation first.

With that out of the way, we proseed with the profile:

Victory.jpg (122.04 KiB) Viewed 9760 times

Victory class battleship

The Victory-class Battleship is suspected to be a modified Retribution-class Battleship.
In its internal layout, the Victory-class greatly resembles the Retribution-class. It is possible that this design is the product of grafting Lance weapons systems onto a Retribution template in an attempt to replicate the successful Apocalypse-class Battleship.
However, a key difference between the two classes of Battleship is the substantial number of Lance systems present on the Victory-class in place of the Retribution's large number of Macrocannons.
The Tech-priests of Mars refuse all requests for access to their records by historians of the Imperial Navy, so the origin of this class remains unclear, though one vessel, the Conqueror, is known to have particularly distinguished itself during the Great Crusade in the late 30th Millennium to bring the Emperor's light to the galaxy after the end of the Age of Strife. When Hive Fleet Behemoth, the first major Tyranid Hive Fleet encountered by the Imperium of Man in 745.M41, four Victory-class Battleships met the threat of the Behemoth -- the Victory, Argus, Conqueror, and Hammer of Scaro. The Hammer of Scaro sustained damage to its Nova cannon while ramming the ork Space Hulk Gungedrinka and had it replaced by torpedo launchers.

To the casual observer, armed with broadside Lances, dorsal Macrocannons and a prow Nova cannon, the Victory class seems almost indistinguishible from the Apocalypse class. However, a key difference lay in the range of the Lances. The Victory's lances were only two-thirds as powerful as the Apocalypse's, however they posses twice the range.
This allows the Victory class to excel at long range bombardment, a role that the Imperial Navy has few ships that can fulfill very well. While unable to match the damage output of the Apocalypse up close, it can engage a foe with the lances without letting them get into the minimal range of the Nova cannon, and thus is able to always utilise its full armament.
It is possible that the ship's class was named after the Tribune, an Imperial Fists warship, but that ship's schematics resemble an extremely heavily modified Retribution class more.


Re: Ship Profiles

Posted: 21 February 2016, 16:50
by CALiGeR190
Imperial Escorts
Numerous as the stars

Sword.jpg (102.84 KiB) Viewed 9755 times

Sword Class

The Sword Class is one of the oldest Imperial ship design still in service, dating back to the Age of Strife, it's design refined to a very fine level: being battle tested across many millennia and an uncountable number of battles.
The sword, like all escorts, is very small and fast. They are also extremely numerous, any space faring planet being easily capable of constructing the simple and well known vessel either on the ground or in orbital shipyards. The sword class is armed with a battery of sub-macro (meaning weapons batteries too small to classify as macro cannons) weapons, typically either laser-based or plasma-based. These weapons lack the power to present a serious threat to any capital ship (unless volley fired from mass numbers of Swords from multiple directions), but are Lethal to civilian shipping, transports and other escorts.
The Sword Class also stands out among escorts for her armour.
She is still poorly armoured, being only able to withstand the stray light macro cannon shell or two, and still vulnerable to any form of enemy lance: but her thicker than average bulkheads and prow armour make her difficult for other escorts to deal with.

The Sword Class has seen extensive service across the Imperium, and with Pirates, being one of the most heavily mass produced vessels in Imperial History. Sword Class vessels have been found raiding convoys, escorting convoys, hunting down stragglers and enemy escorts after a major fleet engagement; and escorting larger Imperial capital ships into the line of battle (a Battleship without at least 2 or 3 Sword Class escorts being a rare sight indeed in the Imperium).
Her versatile armament, high speed, respectable armour for her size and cheap construction making her perfectly adjusted for nearly any duty an escort could be expected to fulfil: her armour and firepower proving just enough to present a very difficult adversary for any opposing escorts to deal with.

This ship is the Jack-of-all-trades among the Escorts.


Firestrom.jpg (103.17 KiB) Viewed 9755 times

My favorite Escort: Firestorm Class

Firestorm Class is a modification of the Sword Class from an unknown origin. Much of the Firestorm remains unchanged from the Sword Class in appearance and interior, although there is one major difference: her armament.
Firestorm has fewer broadside weapons batteries, and less powerful engines, but that excess power goes into supporting a Prow-mounted light lance. This Light Lance is deadly to other escorts: having the accuracy to hit them even while manoeuvring and the power to overwhelm their thin shielding and flimsy armour and cause massive damage to their systems. The Light Lance also has double the range of the more conventional weapon batteries found on the Sword Class, the Firestorm's firepower is also enough to present a devastating threat to fleeing and damaged capital ships: a pack Firestorms able to quickly close the distance and volley-fire Lance bolts into the stricken adversary.

These small and dangerous vessels have seen extensive service, much like the Sword class, on both sides of convoy operations, supporting larger capital ships and hunting stranglers/survivors after a major fleet engagement.
The Firestorm also has a darker side: being a personal favourite among many pirates. Fast, cheap, and enough firepower to quickly cripple a target vessel: swarms of these ships have been seen assaulting convoy operations across the Imperium to devastating effect, the little terrors able to quickly get the prize and scarper before an Imperial retaliation fleet can get into place.

The Firestorm is the heavy hitter among the escorts.


Re: Ship Profiles

Posted: 21 February 2016, 17:22
by CALiGeR190
Cobra.jpg (84.28 KiB) Viewed 9753 times

Cobra Class

In the competition for most numerous warship in the Imperium, the Cobra is a serious contender, roving swarms of the destroyers being found in service with every fleet in the Imperium and with pirates.
The cobra class is armed three, forward mounted, sub-macro cannon turrets (for self defence against enemy escorts) and a set of four prow-mounted torpedoes launchers: which make a squadron of these dangerous warships a lethal threat to even the largest capital ships. The warship is also very poorly armoured (like all escorts), and the fastest warship in Imperial Navy service (fast even among other escorts), making the warship incredibly hard to hit with anything other than a lance as they make their torpedo runs and a nightmare to try and catch as they run for the cover of their home fleet/base. A single Cobra Class being the only ship able to escape the Yuctan incident in M40 (The Imperial navy's first encounter with a Necron fleet).

The Cobra Class is however extremely weak for attacking other escorts, her three tiny weapons batteries being simply too small to do any real damage and too short range to contest the laser-based weapons batteries, making the Cobra purely a torpedo boat with batteries for self defence.

The Cobra Class has also seen the creation of the modified Viper Class.
This Warship was designed initially to carry boarding torpedoes, but the small hull proved unable to carry the necessary number of personnel to make the weapon particle. The Viper instead had another set of two torpedo launchers mounted into the prow and designated 'Missile Destroyers'. The Viper Class is rare, but adored by Admirals and Captains for the number of torpedoes the ship can put down-range, being most commonly used in massed torpedo attacks with Cobra classes.

*Vipper Class

The Cobra class is the Torpedo boat of the Imperium.


Turbulent.jpg (111.35 KiB) Viewed 9753 times

Another favorite: Turbulent Class

Turbulent Class is rare breed of escort: having armour and firepower to contest a Light cruiser, but in a tiny escort-sized package.
The Turbulent Class is a warship designed by (and found exclusively within) battlefleet Calixis. The idea was to build a cheap and easily mass produced vessel that was capable of destroying any opposing escorts, and present a devastating threat to larger vessels when deployed in grouped (following the line of thinking of the largely successful Endeavor Class Light cruiser).
This came in the form of a singular battery of Light Macro Cannons, some laser-based weapon batteries and thick armour for an escort.

The problem with the design was that the escort had sacrificed much of the speed an escort would be expected to have, barely keeping up with light cruiser in a straight line and having very poor mobility: this, together with the complicated construction for an escort, meant that the Turbulent was not adopted outside of Battlefleet Calixis; the Firestorm being seen as a superior option.

Despite this the Turbulent has seen service against various enemies of the Imperium with varying degrees of success, the Macro argument proving as deadly as her designers had hoped when engaging other escorts.
Despite opposition from outside Battlefleet Calixis, and being an unpopular choice with younger Admirals with the Battlefleet, many of the senior Admirals at the top of Battlefleet look upon the Heavy Frigate fondly: many of their successful careers starting at the helm of a Turbulent Class.

This ship is the Heavy Brawler of the Escorts, her awesome Firepower and favour with senior admirals with battlefleet Calixis keeping her in service with many of the Calixis Battle formations.

Re: Ship Profiles

Posted: 21 February 2016, 18:34
by CALiGeR190
Falchion.jpg (94.96 KiB) Viewed 9746 times

Falchion Class

Falchion Class is a warship designed as a smaller and lighter version of the Endeavor series Light Cruisers, first proposed by Forge World Voss to conserve resources and increase the number of escorts in service with battle fleets.
The initial design was stolen by Chaos forces and would become the Infidel Class radier-frigate, but modified design of the Falchion would be see production and service with the Imperial Navy. The Falchion is armed with a battery of broadside weapon batteries and a pair of torpedo launchers, allowing the Falchion to engage both bother escorts and larger vessels with the versatile weapons afforded to the class.

When compared to the more common sword class, the Flachion is less well armed for dealing with other escorts and is less well armoured, but has more powerful engines and torpedoes for allowing for greater damage output from surprise attacks and massed torpedo vollies. The class tends to perform better in defensive roles and can be surprisingly effective in the hands of a skilled captain.

The Falchion Class performed well defending against the Chaos invasion of Abumbria in M41, a pair of the vessels being pitted against a small invasion fleet of a dozen vessels: 10 escorts (mostly the Falchion 'sister class' Infidel frigates) and a pair of harbinger light cruisers. The Falchions were able to use their high speed to evade the chaos fleet's initial assault and, although unable to stop the initial landing, strike back with torpedos and cripple one of the light cruisers. In a running battle lasting several weeks the two were able to destroy the light cruiser and several of the chaos escorts before finally being able to assist in the valiant defence of Imperial ground Forces on the Planet.

These frigates are the strike frigates of the Imperial Navy, able to quickly take apart key strategic targets and use their high speed to evade enemy retaliation.

Imperial Grand Cruisers
The Poor Man's Battleship

*I've debated with how to do Grand cruisers for the Imperium for a while...
They are rare, no longer used in active service often, and all very similar in design: but they are such iconic vessels I couldn't leave them out... So I decided to put them all into one Profile. It may be a little messy, but it was the best compromise I could come up with.

Grand Cruisers.jpg
Grand Cruisers.jpg (196.24 KiB) Viewed 9677 times

Grand cruisers have been around a really long time.
First reported warships pre-dating the Imperium itself and being in reported service since the Age of Strife with rogue AIs and human Warlords. The Grand Cruisers have seen service throughout the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy that came immediately after it, serving as the backbone and primarily line-ships of the Imperial-Navy when they were more numerous, providing the perfect support compliment for the larger Battleships.

Grand Cruisers as a rule only have 3 things that distinguish them from a full-fledged Battleship in power: Their lack of forward Prow Armour/forward armament, their slower speed and their shorter range. These disadvantages, in combination with their costly resource requirements, lost technologies and time-consuming construction has lead them to be declared as largely obsolete vessels in the Imperium: rarely being found on front-line service and the few remaining Grand Cruisers found in reserve. The Grand Cruisers are also costly to maintain: their lack of prow armour meaning that they are commonly damaged while attempting to close with their opponents, meaning far more frequent repairs needed which the Imperial Navy can no longer afford to keep up with.

Vengeance Class: This Warship features two powerful heavy lances, able to melt through even the thickest of enemy armour and shields, terrifying weapons to everything from an Escort to a Battleship. She is (or was) also armed with two batteries of Heavy Macro Cannons also: which meant she had terrifyingly powerful broadsides in her prime, easily able to match a battleship for broadside firepower once in range. The Vengeance Class, in more modern times, is hard to find with her original armament: Heavy Macro Cannons being removed to be put on more modern Battlecruisers and Battleships and make way for Cargo space. Her Heavy Armour and Lance making her an excellent deep-space hauler, her armament able to make her at least partially self sufficient without an escort.

Avenger Class: This warship has a huge number of Macro Canon-sized Weapon Batteries (similar to the widely used Macro Cannons, but with greater velocity and shorter range) which are terrifyingly effective at close range vs any target unlucky or foolish enough to allow the large warship to close with them. As Imperial Weapons evolved to engage at greater and greater distances, and strike craft and lance builds came into prominence, the Avenger lost the one role she had: a heavy Brawler, the Overlord and Tyrant replacing her in large scale service from M36-M39.
The Avenger does still see some active service however, her heavy armour and armament sometimes being called upon to increase the power of a ship-line or charged with protecting planets from invaders.

Exorcist class: Another warship that lost it's job to another ship class, the Mars. The Exorcist originally being designed as a Carrier/Grand Cruiser hybrid: combining thick armour and short range Macro cannons with double hanger decks. Despite being popular for much longer than the Vengeance and Avenger, having similar hangar capacity to the Emperor Class, the faster and more versatile Mars had completely replaced the Grand cruiser by M41 (being slowly phased out since M39 for more Battlecruisers anyway).
The Exorcist still sees service as a long range patrol, PDF and Colony vessel with some Battle Fleets despite no longer seeing regular front-line service.

The Grand Cruisers are the Heavy Line-ships of the Imperium.


*That concludes the Imperium.
Chaos will start as of tommorrow, starting with their Grand Cruisers: and I have a bit more to write about there.
**I know their are other classes, but I feel I've covered the main ones, the remaining classes don't have much of note to write about them.
Same as with Battleships, you can either ask me to post it elsewhere or you can offer to do it yourself (although Do Not post any profiles directly onto this Topic without me seeing and approving them first)

Re: Ship Profiles

Posted: 23 February 2016, 11:39
by unholyknight
Drang wrote:"Replaced" in Imperial terms can still mean "we have dozens of these fuckers kicking around, we're just not sure where, what they do, or how to repair them, and assignment to them in likely a career dead-end of pirate chasing", but I seriously doubt the Imperium would ever get rid of such venerable, bonny ships. At least, the BFG rules imply they're still in use, just not in mainline roles.

Also, escort scaling makes no sense in the TT. Swords have 1 HP, like a Firestorm nearly half their size. A Light Cruiser has six, despite being, what, only twice the size?

Swords really deserve 2-3 HP for their sheer toughness.

And also it means "we sold a lot of them to our Rogue Traders. What? Admirals need something to live when (if) they retire! And impireal navy budget is not made from rubber!".

Also on TT Avengers squadrons is really dominating things. With cruiser-like speed they charge in enemy lines and pummeling all in their sights with their superior broadside. And Gothic-class picks the rest.

Also I agree with your opinion about frigates - only one worthy effort buying is cobra-class, because of their awesome speed and torpedoes. And low cost.

Re: Ship Profiles

Posted: 23 February 2016, 19:03
by CALiGeR190
Chaos Grand Cruisers
Heavy Raiders of the Fleet

*Combined these two due to their small numbers in service.

Exectutor+Retaliator.jpg (145.49 KiB) Viewed 8852 times

Both of these warships where designed as upgraded variants of the Vengeance and Exorcist Class immediately after the Horus Heresy some time in M32. Both feature more powerful experimental power plants, which increased the range of their weapons batteries on both vessels, and allowed a deck of extended-range lance batteries to be fitted to the Exorcist class above a re-designed hanger deck. It also increased their speed, although not dramatically.
Only a small number where ever produced by the Imperium, never more than a few hundred in total serving with the Navy, but the fate of these few would see a substantial number of these rare upgrades of ancient vessels serving with Chaos.

Executor Class: All Executor vessels where deployed with Battlefleet Cadia and the massive defence fleet around the Cadian Gate. Almost all of these rare vessels where arranged in one squadron of giant cruisers, Blood Royale leading them. The Executors roamed the border of the Eye of Terror, using their extended range Heavy-Lances and Weapon Batteries to annihilate anything foolish enough to try and break out of the Gate. Thier effectiveness grabbed the attention of Chaos forces and, one day, the Grand Cruisers disappeared without a trace while on one of their long-range patrols.
For six centuries all the Grand Cruisers where believed lost (the experience promoting the Imperium to split up it's older vessels more sparsely) until they suddenly appeared in the Gothic Sector... as part of a massive chaos assault fleet.
The powers of Chaos had further increased the already upgraded range and speed beyond what should be physically possible: The Executor now a truly deadly threat to anything that dares challenge the Grand cruiser, at any range.

The Heavy Lance boat of the Chaos fleet.

Retaliator Class: Retaliator Class vessels served the Imperium as dedicated blockade vessels, anti-piracy ships and as PDF vessels from M32-M35 primarily in the Eye of Terror region but also seeing service with Imperial forces in the Galactic East. In M35, the Industrial World of Galan V and the entire garrison fleet surrounding the planet (that included a majority of the Retaliator Class vessels) rebelled against the Imperium and turned to Chaos. After a two-day long intense naval battle took place around Galan V's moon between Imperial Cruiser squadrons and the rebel fleet, the remaining Regulators and their escorts broke off and retreated for the Eye of Terror. Having received heavy damage at the hands of the Imperial Cruiser, and despite inflicting heavy losses, where faced with overwhelming imperial reinforces (which included an Apocalypse Class battleship).
When seen again by Imperial forces: the Retaliators where deadlier, twisted, parodies of the vessels they had been. Battery and lance range impossibly extended by supernatural means, Strike Craft replaced for smaller faster Chaos models: pilots reduced to an unholy union of flesh, bone and machinery.
Although rarely seen, as Chaos fleets primarily use them to blockade important planets which are under invasion and for defencive operations, one renegade Retaliator is known to still be at large in the Imperium in the Kronus sub-sector: the Monarch of Whispers, which continues to terrorise Imperial convoys and planets across the sector to this day.

Brawler/Carrier hybrid of the Chaos fleet.


Replusive.jpg (154.13 KiB) Viewed 8852 times

Repulsive Class

The Repulsive was designed to be the ultimate evolution of the Grand Cruiser concept in M34, armed with long range lances, more powerful battleship-type engines, extended-range weapons batteries and forward mounted torpedoes deployed on a more heavily armoured prow-section. The cruiser was quite simply designed to address all of the recurring issues with the Grand Cruisers still in service with the Imperium.
The Repulsive (original name long lost, being nicknamed such by Imperial crews while in Imperial service and officially classes as the 'Repulsive Class' while in Chaos service) had some disturbing complications from very early in her design stage. A series of strange and perfect coincidences allowing the development to be unusually speedy and successful on the ship, and allowing for several batches of the cruiser to be produced in rapid succession not long after being developed in lightning speed... only for a disturbing number of these ships to be 'lost in the warp' in their first few jumps. Eventually the Imperium picked up the pattern, discontinuing the Grand Cruisers from service and production (and losing the ability to continue producing them not long after), this cruisers ugly reputation of dragging crews into the Warp already earning it the name 'Repulsive': the few remaining being regulated to planetary defence duties, being unable to warp between sectors.

Many of these 'lost' Grand Cruisers where immediately being prepared to be put into active service with Chaos fleets.
The Repulsive Class saw extensive upgrades to her speed and range by her new Chaos masters, the twisted powers of Chaos empowering the ship's systems beyond the limits of the simple physics of Real-Space.

The Repulsive is a truly deadly adversary to any who try to engage her, her long range batteries (and even longer range Lances) tearing into formations from far beyond the effective engagement range of most Imperial vessels. She is also a rare vessel among Chaos fleets for having forward torpedo armament, only further increasing her fearsome firepower at extreme ranges, she's also unusual for having Heavy armour: able to withstand an Imperial Battle Cruiser broadside long enough to get at least one terrifyingly powerful lance strike in.
The Repulsive is also frequently used in raids on Imperial worlds and in planetary invasions.

The Repulsive is the Heavy Brawler of the Chaos fleet.

*Swapped the 'roles' of the Executor and Repulsive, still satisfied with the descriptions and history I've presented.