Please give us more information about the gameplay!

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Please give us more information about the gameplay!

Postby Larkis » 14 February 2016, 09:51

Hi Everybody,

I#m a huge fan about warhammer40k and battlefleet gothic. So i also want to be a fan from the game and i want to tell all my friends about it. But my problem is that there is nothing to tell.

In the end we know nothing about the gameplay. We only have some non-detailed descriptions on the website and some fast cuttet trailers where you see the graphics and nothing more.

When i talk to my friends i often hear "yeah looks cool, but release in a few weeks an no information about gameplay? Looks like the developer know its crap and they dont want show it to get preorders before everyone knows that the game sucks".

So please pleae please give us more informations about the gameplay. Is it slow or fast? Is it like empire at war, like homeworld or like nexus? how detailed is the damage system? how works the special actions, can i buy addition ships in the match, are they objectives or only deathmatch ect. ect.

it would be cool to see for example an noncuttet video from a multiplayer match / skirmich match and the voice of the developer explaining what he is doing, why he is it doing and how he is it doing. Or some more text about the true gameplay on the battlefield. I think this would also be good to genereate hype. Gamesites would be do previews and tell the people. Actual the biggest german gaming site Gamestar has nothing about the game.

So please pleae please give us more information so we can tell people and generate hype. I think we all want that the game would be a huge success to get more races, campaigns and fleets. So comeon give us some information please!!!

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