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Re: Codex Sages : Gameplay questions

Postby Ahzek Ahriman » 25 November 2016, 14:07

Ashardalon wrote:awws that is sad to hear
for a long time he was the main voice of Tindalos on these forums, he is missed now, i hope someone will try to fill in that spot
it seems pretty necessary, the silence is causing frustration, and the frustration is doing bad stuff to the general atmosphere on the forum
his full informative half roleplay way of posting did great things for the mood on the forum
that, and i want answers :)
wish him well from me if you ever meet him again

at least i know my fx questions will still be answered :D i know your legion tends to do stealth missions but just dont disappear, there must always be at least a few Alphariusses

Don't worry, you may not realize it yet but you're actually Alpharius too. So no risk of him disappearing.
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