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Screenshot Request

Postby Carl » 23 April 2016, 12:15

As you probably know i've been curating some DPS sheets. Thats awsome as such :p. Unfortunately release has brought a bunch of changes and wiped everyone's fleets. Re-grinding all 4 factions will take some time on my end so what i'd like to request is some screenshots from you guys.

How To:

1. Select an existing ship of one class, (Light Cruiser/Cruiser/Battlecruiser/Battleship), and ht replace. We are NOT going to actually replace your ship however.

2. Select the first ship on the list of replacements and take a screenshot of it's stats card, then mouse over each weapon in turn and take screenshots there too.

3. Close the screen one all ship options are done using the red X in the top right corner.

4. Also take screenshots of all racial traits from an owned ship

5. For Orks i need weapon options for each class instead.

You can upload the images to somwhere like imgur, or you can drop them in a RAR on google drive or some other download site btw.

Default screenshot key in steam is f12 btw.

Examples from last patch:





For anyone who responds. Thank you in advance.

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