Succinct update on the past few years?

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Succinct update on the past few years?

Postby Lord451 » 02 May 2017, 22:23

Hey all, I played this game about 85 hours during the Beta but didn't like where it was going (big ships always win versus little, maximum number of abilities wins fight more than maneuvering and forethought, if the enemy is ever out of position they just teleport to safety and completely undermine the point of slow naval combat). I wanted to find out if there have been any major structural changes to the game or if it's still pretty much the same as when I left.

I noticed the game is now 60 percent off on Steam, and reading the forums it sounds like we're just in the final death throws of the game and it's their last hope to get a few more dollars out of the crowd. Is that the case? And for somebody unhappy with the beta's multiplayer setup, is it worth getting into again?

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