300pt only co op skirmish ?

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300pt only co op skirmish ?

Postby jeff1304 » 24 March 2017, 07:11

so myself and a few friends have recently come back and started playing the game with all new fleets. finally getting to the level of battle cruisers and battleships i found myself incredibly disappointed. i cant you my space marine battleships at all because both available are over 300 pts...... any way to change this or do i just need to change factions and do something else ? Also is this game ever getting a custom game mode ? or is it dead because this place sure doesn't look lively.

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Re: 300pt only co op skirmish ?

Postby Ashardalon » 24 March 2017, 16:29

1. it has custom game mode, check the main menu

2. once both are lvl8 you unlock 350 and 400pts for 2v2

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