What do you Like most about BFG!

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What do you Like most about BFG!

Postby Roibr54 » 16 February 2017, 14:35

In the Forum there are mostly Haters/Ranters when you read through the Topics... :(
I think the Game has Improved sooo much since Launch. Tindalos did what everyone wanted, but still. Where are the Players?
The ones that Left due to Bugs, lack of Content or other reasons and didn`t come back after it wa taken care off.

Now i wonder what you Guys think is the coolest about the Game, then some people still play it.What makes the Game most enjoyabale for you. It can be either Ships, Sound, UI doesn`t matter.
When you play a lot of Games over the Years you watch for little Details which make the Games Good or Bad. You either have it or you don`t! The Frenchman have a keen eye on Details. I`m a huge Tom Clancy Fan, so i know what i Say since Ubisoft is French and so are lots of their Workers AND SO ARE FOCUS/TINDALOS.

What really picked my eye or better said my Ear was all the sounds they put into "JUST" the Menu in Shipyard. More precisely the Favour sounds. The coolest of all are Chaos! I love Tindalos for that(& the Game of course...) It is so good, it can only be work of Heretics!

What i love most in this Game is the Sound!
Sexy and also strangely creepy"Female Voices". Reminded of Sirens from Greece Saga that Lure you into their Fangs/Breast... :? and eat you :lol:

Slimy and dribble feeling Voice that sounds like it draws its last breath every time it opens its mouth
(now maybe Papa no more, since Khorne is the oldest)

I admit i bought the Favours forth and back so i could listen to the awesomeness :oops: :lol: it is that neat!

Setting up Fleets the way you want it. Regarding Strenght/Weakness nad specilization against Races
Possibility for different Tactics and Fleet setup is huge. Alone the combination of shiptypes gives you couple of possibilities. Then theres Upgrades and skills. I spent hours with trying out fleets with more or less ships coupled with totaly different setups for certain Tactics namely skills and Upgrades. Just awesome becaus eit has huge Impact on Gameplay! You can even

I could go on but the List would somewhat too^long since i hope you Guys will share WHAT YOU LIKE MOST. BFG is a unique Game that has not been done before like this on PC and is not appreciated enough for that!

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