Elite Battles

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Neighbor Kid
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Elite Battles

Postby Neighbor Kid » 01 February 2017, 02:56

So I finally just made it to rank 60 in elite battles, and the only 2 boss ships i have been facing over and over are the ork Rok and the Chaos Black Stone fortress... is there anything else? There really needs to be some variety.... Some special ships spoken about in fluff, or ships listed as famous in BFg.. like the Terminus Est, Chaos battlebarge, Eldar craft world, ork Space Hulk, IN Ramallies.. I just feel there is a serious lack of bosses.

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Re: Elite Battles

Postby Ashardalon » 01 February 2017, 12:59

-terminus est is just a chaos battleship (not really but in the campaign it is)
-the ork space hulk is the rok

there is also the planetkiller, is that what you mean by chaos battlebarge?

but yes, i would also like some more
maybe the fist phalanx, they have a model, not sure it can be used
for a craftworld we will probably need to wait for craftworld eldar
Ramallies just looks like a space station, whats special about it?

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Re: Elite Battles

Postby BanjoJohn » 05 February 2017, 04:39

I think the chaos battlebarge is the chaos space marine version of a regular space marine battlebarge.

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