Breaktrough/Planetary assault and homing torpedos

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Breaktrough/Planetary assault and homing torpedos

Postby NickEcho » 06 January 2017, 20:48

While I am a firm believer that all game modes should be removed besides cruiser clash, because most favor one attacker/defender/race making it unfair, I am aware that chances of that happening are slim to none. So lets attempt to make breakthrough a little more fair.

The problem: if the attacker is tau/space marines with homing boarding torpedoes, the match becomes even more unbalanced than usual. The attacker can just fire at the mostly defenseless platform from his side of the map, and defender can do little. It is near impossible to defend all 4 platforms versus a smart player, unless you are taking a mass carrier fleet. And even then it is problematic.

1. The match should start with platform being invisible, same as ships.
2. Increase their armor - would help against Tau, and troop rating - some help versus space marine torpedoes.
3. Personal favorite: give each platform a defensive fighter squadron skill, similar to the one that space marines and eldars have.

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Re: Breaktrough/Planetary assault and homing torpedos

Postby Ashardalon » 10 January 2017, 14:42

number 3 seems best

1. those fleets tend to rely on their torpedoes so will have long range scanner ability's and since platforms cant DODGE THE DAMN PROBES!!! (sorry force of habit :D ) this will only give approximately 120seconds max in a 600pts mission, and 0 in a 300pts one

2.this wont stop marines, and tau are slow unless they specialized into aircaste so it will have no effect on the faction that can outrun you and little effect on the one that cant, seems like the worst idea

3 seems best, it wont fully stop them giving you time and it will barely stop a flyby of a carrier fleet but it will help give you the time and uncertainty you need to give you a chance against marines, i actually really like the idea

on the other side some advice, you dont need to defend all 4 of the platforms, in fights against eldar i would often sacrifice 2or3 of them to win me the time to be prepared when they cane for the fourth, same can be done vs tau or marines although you do NEED a carrier or you will be sacrificing a ship to bodyblock the torps and both tau and marines do better in a fair fight so being down a ship tends to hurt
rest of the missions seem pretty doable since they only have so much time, have been having great results stopping marines with a sword swarm and being a missive coward with a dauntless :D

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