Escort Upgrades

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Re: Escort Upgrades

Postby Kine² » 10 April 2016, 07:31

You need to specify pvp or pve .. more so with escorts and for which game modes.

PVP escorts have various uses.

Personally I use them to bait out batteries. Gives me few precious seconds to do stuff with my line. And cobra spam is real.

As for upgrades:
- Shield helps with not getting one shotted.
- 3 extra Turrets for fighter and torp screen
- I dont usually spend renown on 3rd slot. Suppose sensor range or dps if I did

This is for my one size fits all Imperial n Ork escorts.
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Re: Escort Upgrades

Postby JorpA » 10 April 2016, 09:03

Im running chaos carrier fleet so most of the time escorts are only non carrier closer range ships i can get and man they are good. With increased view range, speed and ability to use hem on stealth the chaos destroyer is perfect scout.

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Re: Escort Upgrades

Postby mystic_taboo » 10 April 2016, 13:55

I use Firestorms with upgraded Lance Range, Extra Shields and I think Hull, stick them on 9k range and front facing and they are useful.

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Re: Escort Upgrades

Postby Avlaen » 10 April 2016, 22:55

extra shields + hull helps escorts be tougher and more of a pain to deal with making more people likely to ignore them which means they do dps for longer. Engine upgrades are good if you need stuff to go alongside your light cruisers for assassination missions for example. Sensor range is good for a scout to. these are the most useful ones for me anyway

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Re: Escort Upgrades

Postby Gerver » 10 April 2016, 23:11

Chaos lance escort/IN Firestorm = full lance build, 9000 range constant annoying damage.
Savage = Armor Pen, speed, shield, close combat little monsters.

Other escort not worthy imo.

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Re: Escort Upgrades

Postby Valthic » 11 April 2016, 15:24

Escorts can be extremely useful. Mind that most people use everything on autocast, so a couple escorts souping up everything they have are good. There have been times where my two swords baited something like 9 bombs and FOURTEEN assault boats waves.

I usually play Swords with improved hull, armor pen and extra speed. can get everywhere shortly and it's quite useful at dodging stuff without having to AAF.

I never use Firestorms, they don't seem worth. Yes, they have better range but at range they have a fraction dps than the Swords and i can't use them to divert damage from my line ships.

Cobras have extra shields and extra time on orders. This way they can't be oneshotted by lucky Nova shots and they can use the reload order on two consecutive volleys. Third skill is Navigational Shields. Seriously, it's too good to set up a Cobra ambush in an asteroid field and watch my opponent's escorts burn when they try to reach them... When there are asteroids...

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Re: Escort Upgrades

Postby Helsync » 11 April 2016, 15:44

Hehe, this has little to do with the overall effectiveness of escorts but I actually once had a game where I beat 2 Ork Light Cruisers and 1 Savage with 3 Idolators after brutally losing my cruiser to a lucky engine hit and having it deal next to no damage before it was destroyed. It took a lot of kiting and avoiding rams but I eventually routed one then pretty much did the same thing with the second before he warped it out himself. Then it was just a matter of getting behind the savage and ramming it as a finishing move ;p

was laughing the entire match as I juked ram after ram XD

Valthic wrote:When there are asteroids...

Desperately need more asteroids... and planets, NEED planets. Remove mines from multiplayer and instead of just throwing random crap and perfectly round circles onto our maps give them some actual depth. I've been watching some tabletop games on youtube and everything else aside they've done a terrible job of making the maps interesting to fight on compared to what I've seen in the TT.
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Re: Escort Upgrades

Postby Dreadspectre » 11 April 2016, 15:58

I'm sure they have uses but I can't bring myself to take Escorts over lineships when points allow it.

I mean people saying use them to blitz platforms? Meh, you can do it even better just ramming a LC or higher into them.

I enjoy popping Escorts with Nova spam/Bombs too. Again, I'm sure they work but they are just not for me. I can see them working well against Orks but against Chaos or IN? Probably not as much since Chaos will long range/never miss and IN can explode Escorts quickly.

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