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Re: Idea.

Postby Someuntrustworthygit » 21 July 2016, 21:12

Valthic wrote:Of course it looks like that in game. Are you even aware of how things would look if they were on scale?

Should we scale up the map to realistically match ship combat, to follow short range combat you would need to scroll hundreds whole screens, as ships (i'm thinking of cruisers to be precise) would be firing at distances more or less 100,000 times their own lenght.

Minimap would be unreasonably hard to manage, torpedoes and every skill that needs a target to click on would be nigh impossible to use.

Should we scale ships down instead -keeping the distances right then-, no ship would be recognisable on screen and i doubt even Battleships would be big enough to become a single pixel. Maybe the Space Hulk could be deemed worthy of a pixel all of it's own on a 27" screen or bigger.

Oh, and try to use those skills now. Any single pixel away from your intended target is a total miss.

I KNOW that this is a game and nothing else, but please let's just try to stick to lore and to whatever it is reasonable.

well then, if we can exaggerate these distances so much than why not add power klaws? if you want us to "stick to the lore" then DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME let alone try to defend the lore even though it is already bent to such extents.

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Re: Idea.

Postby CALiGeR190 » 21 July 2016, 21:23

I would rather melee weapons be held back on until the addition of the Tyranids.
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