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Neighbor Kid
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Community Campaign

Postby Neighbor Kid » 27 February 2017, 03:55

Would anyone be interested in doing a community campaign? A hex map can be created with planets, and space inbetween. My idea behind it would be the usage of BFGA, and either DOW1, 2 or when it comes out... 3.

Every facton would start with their own territory. Branch out in turns which would be reported on here. in space if 2 factions clash, a cruiser fight would ensue, In a space fight I would think it could be a best of 3 or best of 5 to win the hex over?

When nearing planets a convoy mission could be done to represent ground unit transport. Same idea, win best of 3 or 5 to stage a planetary assault.

When trying to make planet fall to transfer to DOW for ground attacking same idea applies for number of battles to have "Sufficient" forces.

There would have to be alot more to it, i just want to see if anyone is interested, ideally I'd love to have liike 20-30 people to do this.

Certain BFGA mission types would lead to certain campaign attributes.... much like the amount of deployments per turn like in the actual bfga campaign. Before I really start to put alot of thought into it, would this be something you people would want to do?

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Re: Community Campaign

Postby Arkmut » 28 February 2017, 19:23

Yeah that could be really interesting, but how do you actually plan to do that?
By having a web map and rely on players to do the battles with the right settings and update the map?

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