What does "Pre-Alpha" means to you?

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What does "Pre-Alpha" means to you?

Postby Spector » 24 June 2016, 23:43

Hi, I am a gamer for over 20 years now, and I also make gaming videos on my YT channel. I use a nickname perafilozof as filozof is the nickname I go in elementary school for acting like a philosopher in conversations. So I ran with it.

But enough about me, what I want to ask you is: What does "Pre-Alpha" means to you? And by Pre-Alpha I mean the version of upcoming games that are shown to gamers. You have seen this many times by now, it's been a rising trend since 2003. Videos of new games have Pre-Alpha watermarks on them on trailers, on E3 presentations and so on. Games that are previewed have Pre-Alpha on screenshots that you see on gaming websites.What interests me is what do you think when you watch a video with Pre-Alpha watermark or read a preview with Pre-Alpha watermark on screenshots or watch a E3 presentation with Pre-Alpha. What are you expectations, what are your thoughts, what does seeing Pre-Alpha means to you.

I have made a video about this subject so you can watch that before you post here:

Try to keep it short, 3-5 sentences, with maybe an example. You can write more to express your full opinion but I won't be able to carry everything over to a video.

Thank you!
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Re: What does "Pre-Alpha" means to you?

Postby Puchert » 25 June 2016, 02:54

why should we? this video of you explained it quite well?? what else you want to hear from us?

i dont get it??? :ugeek:

but at a personal level:

pre-alpha means to me - not worth my attention

its like saying:

"Dude, i will become a daddy!"
"What? wow - when?"
"Well....Sarah has to finish her doctor first, so that will take 2 years at least, after that we need a bigger apartement and of corse have to wait for a better job before starting on the ACTUAL baby project....but then-THEN!!!!"

The hype isnt worth it. pre-alpha is the visualizing of an idea & has (in most cases) nothing to do with the final product

so - not worth my time
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Re: What does "Pre-Alpha" means to you?

Postby Imperator5 » 25 June 2016, 03:45

I can't load the video so I'll tell you what i think.

Pre Alpha means that the game is being actively made in its core aspects: The gameplay, the engine, the features are half done and in flux.

Alpha means that it got into a first stable build that is still buggy but it is a playable game that may not have all parts function, but you can play it.

Beta means that the game is mostly finished but needs a good fine tuning and finish.

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Re: What does "Pre-Alpha" means to you?

Postby McNash » 28 June 2016, 23:20

For me pre-alpha is a word used for developers to justify any possible awful decision they have made designwise, excusing themselves with the insinuation it may or may not be fixed.

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Re: What does "Pre-Alpha" means to you?

Postby Levandor » 29 June 2016, 12:53

Pre Alpha:

Basic Variant wich runs more like a interactive video then a "game" as most gameplay relevant mechanics are not included yet.

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