DoW2 Retribution mod: Vengeance of the Blood Ravens

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Re: DoW2 Retribution mod: Vengeance of the Blood Ravens

Postby Imperator5 » 08 April 2017, 15:11

Romeo wrote:
Imperator5 wrote:
Romeo wrote:Played this yesterday. Holy balls, awesome job! I wasn't a big fan of Dawn of War II, because it felt kind of barebones compared to the first. This goes a long way towards ameliorating that issue, and the proposed changes for 1.5 sound amazing.

I'm a bit ill, so I think I won't be able to do the new ork and IG skins, however I'll release 1.5 this week.

Hope you feel better! And you work on your own schedule, you're providing a gift to players.

Appreciate the hard work!

Thank you! 1.5 is out today, with an additional new unit, the Ard Wartrukk, an up armoured wartrukk I found a model for by accident, at tier 2 for da orks.
New customised army looks: Blood Axes, Death Skulls, Vostroyan Firstborn, Steel Legion and Catachan Jungle Fighters.

Please help me change skirmish to be customisable. Its very important for PVE players.

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=515 Mod idea.

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Re: DoW2 Retribution mod: Vengeance of the Blood Ravens

Postby Frothers » 23 June 2017, 23:41

Tried the mod, it was amazing. Its been a long time since ive played DoW2, and it squeezed out a few more enjoyable hours. Though the Tyranid AI seems crazy - so many units its hard to get a win off when they turtle about their hq building.

Thank you!

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