BFG Lore ~ Planet Killer Guard

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BFG Lore ~ Planet Killer Guard

Postby Alexi_Menser » 27 October 2015, 06:21

Hey everyone, just a really quick inquiry.

During the 12th Black Crusade Abaddon had an escort fleet of 8 ships that stayed with the "Planet Killer" for the duration of the war while they still functioned. I know for certain that among the 8 ships were a Iconoclast, Idolator, Infidel and Styx, as well as one of the battleship classes. Does anyone know what the other three ship types were, and what the names of the 8 guardians were?

This is just a simple curiosity thing as I cannot seem to find information on them anywhere. If you have any answers put them down below :)

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Re: BFG Lore ~ Planet Killer Guard

Postby Earthn » 27 October 2015, 07:00

No, but it might say so in the novel "execution hour", which I still have somewhere. I ll try and look it up. Might read it again, thinking of it....

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