From the Dust (Post-Heresy Council RP) In Character Thread

Share your stories about the Gothic Sector and your battle reports.
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Re: From the Dust (Post-Heresy Council RP) In Character Thread

Postby ApostleOfExcess » 11 June 2016, 09:35

+++Report from The Inquisitorial Representative+++
+++ Mayna 05-5 :50.M31+++

+++Report Subject: The Imperium: Artifacts and Heresy+++
+++Classification: High Lords of Terra+++
+++Expectations: Vengeance+++

Greetings gentlemen, as you all know, these past 25 years we have, with the Arbites, enacted a variety of purges across all sectors and forms of government. We have identified over 500 major Chaos plots that, if left unchecked, would have resulted in cataclysmic losses cross varying lines of Imperial strength. We have additionally caught thousands of minor Chaos plots which may have snowballed out of control had we not intervened. While no doubt some innocents have been caught up in this mess, it is without a doubt to continue investigating planets for loyalty; although now, I believe we can scale back our level of involvement and focus on planets further from Terra, as well begin moving down the chain of command as the current high officers have prove their loyalty so far.

However, one major issue of concern has been the acquisition of heretical artifacts left over from the Heresy. In their blasphemy, they consorted with foul daemons and left many now colonized worlds, as well as worlds we successfully fought them off from, littered with artifacts from that day. A sub-section of my order has deemed themselves the "Ordo Malleus" and have dedicated themselves entirely to the quarantine of these weapons of heresy, as well as the daemonic outbreaks they may bring to whatever world they plague. For this reason, I would like my colleges in the Imperial Guard, Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Arstartes, and Imperial Navy to please alert the Inquisition of any reports of "strange", "magical", and even "holy" artifacts so that my agents can report on them. I would also like my agents to be made aware of all involved in these artifacts as they will likely need to be interrogated at the very least.

Outside of that, I understand our purges have upset some of the laity, but quite frankly, these people need proper indoctrination and I disagree with the idea of making local Arbites agents "sympathetic" to the local people. We need to ensure utmost, absolute loyalty down to the lowest soldier. For this reason, I believe the Ecclesiarchy should scale up indoctrination and proselytizing, and make sure the common people know who to blame for the purges - heretics, xenos, and the like. Humanizing the people will make Arbites agents hesitant to strike down on heresy when they otherwise would; we can brook no possibility of treachery. However, I will agree the purges can be scaled back and targeted at troublesome worlds and governments, rather than a blanket Imperium-wide cull.

Additionally, we should continue the crusade into Segmentum Obscuris at full force; the distraction it has provided for the traitor legions and heretical traitors has kept them from making our own people rebel, and has increased their infighting as reports tell me. We have achieved far too little to stop now, and with reports of Abaddon retreating, I do not want to give him the opportunity to reorganize his damned legionnaires.

To further aid the crusade, we should also focus on repairing our industry. Supply shortages have caused morale problems as my agents have observed; while this can be dealt with by executions it is far more efficient to attack the source.

Here is my recommended budget for the immediate future:

Expansion - 0 - We cannot afford any needless expenses or wastes of time, when the enemy still needs to be eliminated.
Security - 3 - We need to maintain our current security, find heretical artifacts, and continue establishing a presence on worlds further from Terra.
Crusades - 6 - We need to break the back of the Traitor legions for good, we need to make sure they retreat for at least the next millennium. When we force them back, and shore up our defenses, we can finally dedicate those resources somewhere else. But we cannot risk the crusade losing ground and wasting resources, or else my agents will once again have to deal with widespread heresy.
Purification - 1 - We can begin scaling back the purges, and concentrate them in targeted areas.
Consolidation - 2 - We should begin preparing defenses on the worlds we've retaken, so that even if we face future defeat we have somewhere to retreat to, rather than losing everything.
Diplomacy - 0 - The xeno raiders that have been plaguing us are too insignificant to care about right now. My agents that specialize in this field would be more capable of eliminating the threat than some weakling that wants to reward them.
Science - 0 - This is for a time of peace, and we are anything but.
Industry - 6 - My agents report widespread discontent over poor supplies, as well as defections to heresy by men facing such problems. Our navy still lies in disrepair, while flooding worlds with consumer goods could also keep the populace quiet.

+++Inquisitorial Representative+++

+++Thought for the Day:
No sacrifice is too great, no treachery too small.+++

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Re: From the Dust (Post-Heresy Council RP) In Character Thread

Postby Scorch715 » 11 June 2016, 13:23

+++Report from Captain-General Octavius of the Adeptus Custodes+++

+++Report Subject: Unity+++
+++Classification: High Lords of Terra+++
+++Expectations: The Emperor's Will be done+++

In the name of the Emperor, greetings esteemed Lords. These past decades, we of the Custodes have remained silent as those better suited to the political domain have worked tirelessly to bring the Imperium back from the brink while we were focused on grieving for our lord and reinforcing the Imperial Palace. However, the time has come for the Adeptus Custodes to once again serve the Imperium.

These stirrings of civil unrest can not be allowed to develop further, and as such faith in the Imperium must be restored. To this end, I shall authorise 20 Custodes to leave Terra and dispatch to the worlds most aggrieved at the purges. I now petition the Ecclesiarchy to join my men in this endeavour, to sooth the malcontents and reignite faith in the Emperor. I also ask the Lords of the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy for their help in this manner. A regiment of the famed Solar Auxilia would go a long way to reassuring the people, and while I realise such a resource is in incredibly high demand in these troubled times, if the Navy could detach a battleship (perhaps one of the numerous vessels currently awaiting repairs) such a potent symbol of Imperial might would surely be of great benefit.

Lastly, in regards to the Eldar's perceived slight, our purposes are perhaps best served by seeking peace. If it pleases my fellow lords, I shall despatch a Custodian to Naogeddon to parlay with the xenos and seek a solution beneficial to both our races. Failing this, I have no doubt he shall dispatch the xenos leader with no hesitation and end the issue that way.

Expansion: 0, with a million worlds under our rule and myriad issues to resolve, further expansion should be deemed unwise

Security: 4, I am in full support of the Provost Marshal's desire to create local auxiliary forces

Crusades: 1, with the main threat to Segmentum Obscurus routed, our campaigns should be scaled back appropriately to avoid overextending our forces.

Purification: 1, any lapse in our crusade against corruption would be costly, however if we are too overzealous in our efforts we will only succeed in driving people to that which we seek to prevent

Consolidation: 2, forces withdrawn from the Obscurus campaigns should be used to shore up defences in potential areas of future conflict, particularly the Armageddon subsector and its valuable Forge Worlds

Diplomacy: 2, we should seek to improve relations with those worlds where faith in the Imperium has waned

Science Budget: 0, our priority should be the rearming and stockpiling of warfighting materials

Industry Budget: 3, if the current trends of short supply continue, we have no hope for the future

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