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Re: Roleplay: The Last Corsican

Posted: 18 May 2016, 11:35
by Kadaeux
Jarrid wrote:We've had our first casualty. Shedler, RIP. Now the team who is with me, there are a lot of crewmen on the outside of the hull we have to try and work past and they will be coming for us as slowly as they can. Only lasers will work out in the void remember, and there are far too many of them for us to kill them all.

[i]This is actually a common misconception. Modern firearms would actually work in space. Modern propellant includes oxidiser, the problem is recoil compensation. (Throw a 50g bullet downrange at 500m/s and you've got a fair counter-force acting against you.) In a 40k context, all firearms work in a void, however, only Bolt or Las weaponry is optimal for it. *The former being self-propelled, the latter imparting next to no recoil, none at all in a vacuum*)


Karnak snarled as he looked over at the reactors. And more importantly, the somewhat inhuman attackers that were in the way. His Gunskull barked twice as he selected the closest targets, the bolt rounds detonating their skulls as he looked around the chamber and activated his cerebral auspex implant.

The signatures were awash with red and white light and Karnak shut down the thermal feed, while the bay was over-cooked like this thermal sensors were going to be next to useless. Instead he began to advance to the closest of the generatoria as his gunskull barked once more. "By the rusty first nut, keep them off me." He barked as he advanced on the first. It was a vast edifice, ten stories tall, before him, but by electromagnetic scans he watched the feed from his auspex with something approaching fear, the damage wasn't worse than expected, and it was well and truly within their ability to repair, but... "We must concentrate our efforts on number one for now. Once we have it's interlinks restored the other two will fall in line."

He moved into the maintenance bunker at the bottom, a section of raised consoles surrounding the reactor and jacked into the reactors machine spirit as he intoned the litany of repair and obeisance of the machine spirit in binary cant.

He almost blacked out from the pain the machine spirit imparted in its agony, but he was a true servant of the machine spirit and steadied himself with his servo-arm as he began to work with the utility mechadendrite, he took control of several maintenance servitors built into the walls of the reactor and set them to begin repairing the microfractures in the containment shells. He then disconnected and turned to the others. "We need to get the power transmission interlinks repaired and quickly." He keyed up a display on a cogitator after clearing the scrolling damage report. "It suffered severe plasma damage, we'll need to sever the existing conduits at their fuse-point and remove them. Then we splice new plasma conduits to patch the damage." He said indicating the supply bunker with spare materials. "It will be crude, but we can't afford to replace the whole junction, or a dry dock to even attempt it with."

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Posted: 19 May 2016, 09:31
by Jarrid
Good start to the chapter Kadaeux. Lets see where the story takes us chaps! Also, it won't be zombies all the way in case you were worried. I have some interesting things lined up for you all....

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Posted: 19 May 2016, 18:58
by Lt.Hargrove
It's funny how I write Kermin to be overwhelmed and lost and everybody insists on him being stalwart.

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Posted: 19 May 2016, 19:46
by Jarrid
I have noticed a lot of players are starting to post less and less (3 have dropped out now). I do have another player wanting to join but it takes the players to keep an rp alive, and it will need more than just three of us!

As long as there is at least one active player I will keep the rp going. But come on chaps, get involved! Don't you want to see what horrible things await your characters? :D

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Posted: 19 May 2016, 20:32
by Ghostrider93
After listening to Karnak's instructions and taking stock of the sitiuation,
young Adama thought for a heartbeat on what his next move was to be.
Now he was sure. They had to act, Now! "Enginseer Karnak! This is your generator.
You are in charge of the repairs. Take UNK13 with you and make the repairs on the least damaged coupling first.
Take all the supplies you need out of the auxilary bay and move to the coupling. Call us if you need some extra mussle"
"As you command" Replied the tech-priest.
"Mister Drammer"
"Aye sir?"
"You and I are going to keep the Enginseers alive. Draw the runners away from them. Watch where you shoot. I assume not everything here responds well to gunfire."
"Thought it might"
"Ok gentlemen" Nico said with a sigh, steeling himself. "Move out!"

As one the four of them moved down the many ladders towards the supply bunker. As quick as they could the enginseers determened their needs and packed their suit-bags with as much as they could take,
all spread out over the four of them. With the tools in the bag, the little troop moved towards the coupling two ladders down.
Aside from two runners skulking about no trouble found them yet. But they knew that was quick to change. Near the couplings, on both ends there were two bridges used to acces the generatoria,
and their couplings. The only way to move around.
"Akon, secure the left bridge, I'll take the right one. Enginseers, get to work on that plug!"

Without reply the two tech-priests moved towards the massive plasma-junction and started the release protocol.
Securing the connector-plug and preventing it form releasing possible static energy discharges.
Securing any power flow was done soon enough. But releasing the plasma-connector was another story.
Due to damage of the crash, the enginseers had trouble releasing the plug.
Unfortunately there was no real opening for the young officer or the sergeant to come out and help. Where first were little enemies, soon tenths of them started to arrize from surrounding entrances.
Luckilly the bridges they were defending were the only way to get to them.
Before the fight, adama had tied his sword to his back. With his suit on he was more cumbersome to move.
To add to that, any break in his or any others void-suit could really pose a threat for them.
Instead he dual-wielded his las-pistols and took deliberate shots at the uncomming zombies. Only shooting when he could hit.
Using the bridge as a bottleneck he had little trouble fending off the enemy monsters.
The one that did get close he threw over the edge, only to smack it to the ground like a smashed tomato.
Akon had little trouble as well, but they both knew that this was just the beginning.
Unless they wanted to deal with uncountable hordes, time was of the essence.

"How's it coming Karnak?" "We've just released the power-plug. Extracting the plasma-conduits now. They've cracked, thus the plasma leak in here"
"Well, the enemy is closing, How much time do you need Karnak?"

"As long as you can give me!"

With those words he turned his head away and started extracting the plasma-conduits.

First part here. Sorry for my late reply. Writing takes more time to get something good. Real life is riding me as well so I'll post when I can.

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Posted: 19 May 2016, 22:47
by Owl
I'm still alive, just a little busy. I'll post sometime soon.

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Posted: 19 May 2016, 22:50
by Samoth87
Sorry gents...i'll be off town till monday so i won't be able to post till i come back.Hope i won't miss much and of course i hope i'll find everyone in one piece...except the 3 that dropped i suppose :twisted:

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Posted: 21 May 2016, 15:49
by Lt.Hargrove
"Your duty to the Emperor is not over, voidsman!"

When commisar was grabbed by the warped, these were the words that voicelessly emanated from his proud figure. When the spark of righteous fury in his eyes brightly faded into solemn readiness, it spoke those again. When his fingers were quickly pulling the pin of a grenade for an eternity...

Jebediah was watching from behind lieutenant Barnes as Shedler died. Heroically? Can an ant screaming defiance against a boot be heroic, tainting the sole with it's blood? Kermin knew commisar died for the Emperor. The same one billions were dying for, but never saw him. They could only see his servants requiring grim demands of unwavering loyalty and fanatical worship. The commisar was one of them/

Kermin wasn't blessed with a mind too small for doubt and secretely hated the Imperium, but... Shedler also died for him. In all his inhuman despotism he willingly became one of the untold, condemned billions, nothing but another corpse in the grinder. Like Jeb.

- All equipment's good and weapons are checked, sir!
- Ready to proceed, lieutenant.
- I'm ready!
- ... uh, all is good,sir!
- Alright, opening the outer hatch now. Move out!

It did not occur to Kermin until then, but he was out in space. Space!!! Wow, these asteroids are huge! And all the stars! There is a sun behind that rock, the light rays are beatiful! That must be a ship part! Oh, it's blown to pieces. Oh, there's more of them. Oh wait...

- Why are you floating away? - asked sergeant Nitopov. His accent and manner of speech had a sobering effect.
- The electromagnets in your boots are offline, voidsman. Turn them on using the interface on your left arm. - said enginseer Keir.

As Kermin was hurriedly trying to insert the right combination of buttons, he heard a static-deformed voice.
- Sir, this is Adama. The plasma has cleared but the room is incredibly hot. I'm leading my team down to the Generator room deck now.
- Received. - Barnes responded over the vox channel- We're just heading outside now. Good luck.
- Oi, Jeb, you press the two yellow buttons on the bottom! - said Brandock and his advice worked.

Kermin heard a bleep and his legs got suddenly heavy. After a second he hit the bulkhead. Embarrasingly for him, everyone was watching his struggle except the lieutenant. He was the first one to see a rather big problem for the group. The second team sent another message:

- We're under attack!

But so were them. Hundreds of zombies were crawling along the wreck's belly towards them, cumbersomely but at a steady pace. Barnes sternly ordered over the voxbox:
- Void team, switch to vox channel 3! We don't want to be confused with enemy callouts from different places. Run to the breaker!

The device was a long way from them and they had to go throught all the reanimated crewmen to get there. Nitopov immiedietly pulled out his laspistol and began to fire at the closest abominations.
- Fire at their knees and elbows! Try to dismember them! - he yelled as a third monster was floating helplessly in the void, having nothing to catch the ship with. - Back to your hell, scum!
The soldiers advanced quickly at first, but it soon became clear there were too many zombies to keep moving at a reasonable pace. The generator team wouldn't hold out forever.

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Posted: 22 May 2016, 16:55
by Jarrid
His first las pistol shot missed the creature crawling towards him by half an inch, sheering over it's shoulder as it crawled crab like but comically slowly towards him. The poor wretch must have been a voidsman once as he was wearing a full suit just like Barnes and his team was, but likely he didn't have time to get his helmet on before being sucked out into the void. The creweman's head was open to space, one eyeball inexplicably missing and his face a frozen mask of terror, stuck in his last moments of life. Though he had reanimated as some warp cursed creature, whatever was possessing the body probably couldn't break through the ice encrusting his features, and so his expression emoted more pity than anything else in the Lieutenant. That didn't stop him from putting the second shot, this time more carefully aimed, through it's forehead. The creature went limp, turning slow back flips as it drifted off out to space.

The team had been making good progress. Barnes was at the lead and could see with what peripheral vision he had in his helmet the occasional stab of light to his left and right, las shots as his team kept the dead things at bay. They had probably made it half way to the breakers now, and he could see just around the next bulkhead about 150 meters away the intersection Karnak had described to him. It was a simple raised nub extending from the hull no more than a meter. On two sides of the nub were very large red handles which both needed to be turned to the down position to allow the energy reserves from the forward gun emplacement to be directed to the generator room. The ship's hull was littered with such breaker units which Barnes could see as they made their way, pacing across the hull. He thanked the Omnissiah briefly for whatever Engineer decided to include these on Sword Class Frigates in case of complete control failure, just as they were experiencing now.

"Pick up the pace" he breathed into his comms set, now on channel 3 for his team alone to hear. They were doing a good job at keeping the creatures at bay, but all along the hull and floating over them there were... hundreds, if not maybe a thousand of the drifting or crawling animated cadavers. And each one with anything to hold on to were slowly making their way to Barnes and his group, getting thicker and more numerous by the moment.

He had a thought that even if they managed to get the breakers operational, he didn't know how he was going to get any of them back inside the ship alive. This was quickly becoming a one way mission, and he regretted bringing so many on it. To make matters worse, his stomach wound from the crash was now itching fiercely under his suit and the body Armour underneath. With no way to get to it, he gritted his teeth and tried to bear it, pushing the itching out of his mind which was slowly starting to turn to pain.

100 meters to go. His team were at his back, shooting left and right silently in the void, the sound of his own breathing in his ears his only company. 98 Meters to go. There were so many of them....

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Posted: 23 May 2016, 14:20
by Jarrid
Another 24 hours or so and I'll start the next chapter. Post up if you want to be a part of it!