[Fanfiction] Legacies

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Re: [Fanfiction] Legacies

Postby Kalenath » 28 September 2016, 10:16

And done. I try to keep my fanfictions @60k words or 20 posts. It keeps things from getting too stagnant or crazy.

I always wondered WHY Kyras disliked ANY contact with the Black Legion so much in Dawn of War II Chaos Rising. It makes sense if the Lunar Wolves Legion is where the Blood Ravens originally CAME from. The Legion that changed into the Black Legion after Horus fell. And no, they wouldn't want ANYONE to know that their Primarch was Horus. Wouldn't end well for ANYONE. Hence why Eliphas was so amused by the Blood Ravens in Dark Crusade and Chaos Rising.

I hope you all enjoyed this.

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