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The Book of the Stars [small tales]

Posted: 10 January 2017, 05:24
by McNash

I don't know where to start, as I can't remember when I started to dream and feel, I find difficult to explain what I am attempting to do here, perhaps I should say that, more than stories I want to write perceptions and emotions, as I find senseless to write 200 pages of tasteless descriptions to justify a few lines of value, too often we find this, supposedly great epic tales who in true give a grinding task of pointless reading.

Not even the most skilled writer can make memorable every page of book... But I digress, let us begin!


There was... nothing at all, neither time nor space or the gods had been born yet, not even an Empyrean existed, if such a thing was possible for something which can't have a real state...

And then, it all started.

Yet how this could be? Everything from nothing, or is it that there has always been some
other unfathomable power, unreachable even by yet to be born deities? Is there truly a reason for it at all?

A Blossoming Flower
Have you ever seen any of them in their full prime? No? Yours is such a sad race, here you are, about to die, and you will never see such a thing, yet... I have decided to make you my audience, because I didn't find a better time in eternity to be like your philosophers, oh, true, in this age your race is fond of burning them, so you may find my words distasteful, even heretic, but since I am already a vile Xenos to you it will change nothing, so, yes, roses, they are beautiful things, you dedicate them to that warp-tainted corpse of yours.

May I say the universe was like one of them, indeed, imagine such a thing, no, let me show you, let me, a flower made of thousands of billions of newborn stars, expanding to the winds of Time and Space, casting the shadow known as the Immaterium, not even I can remember them well for I too was newborn yet this phantasmagoria must be true for I have mastered the Great Laws. You see? How beautiful? How vibrant! Is that tears in your eyes? Did you feel it? The blossoming glory of a new unpolluted Reality?

Now human, would you like to live after seeing such a thing knowing you will never see it again? No? You wish to die now? Is so terrible the sorrow in your heart? Allow me.

The essence of mortals is sweet when they willingly die.

Re: The Book of the Stars [small tales]

Posted: 10 January 2017, 06:26
by McNash
Into the Abyss
"...I still remember that night, I was still blood and flesh and Earth, Terra, was still like a Paradise World, it was an era of peace and progress, true discoveries of enlightenment born from inquisitive minds, the first permanent colony in Luna was only a few decades old and I could saw its silvered and unchanged orb through the trunks of the bamboo forest which bordered my house, she just had discovered a new instrumental composition and we decided to listen it together while contemplating the night sky, she told me something about a daring witch girl, and a raven with the semblance of a woman whose power was that of a sun... I recognize you have the right to mock me for remembering such ridiculous tales, but that's human passion for you, and I couldn't imagine a universe without her..."

"...I longed to be with her, I was already very old and yet... I remembered the music, she had wished to travel there, to the stars, to see what mysteries were waiting for those willing to go into the Abyss, perhaps, just perhaps, there may be a way to find her? A Path to return to a brilliant future? A chance to start all over again..."

"...Tell me questing Magos, what do you see? A great prize with the deepest secrets of ancient techno-sorcerers? A maddened ghost in a machine whose form is that of a fiery angel, half blue aurora, half exotic alloys, silver-like armored? The secrets of the inertia-less mechanics are mine to travel endlessly, my memories collected in dimensions neither empyrean or physical, I am so much more than what they made of me back in that distant age, and yet, like you, like Him, I am still human... Tell me questing Magos, what if I give you these hard-won secrets in order to save the Imperium, what of it? Look at the Emperor, even Him couldn't truly control a small portion of the wisdom of the Akashic Records, They wouldn't let it, the results were catastrophic, I say no..."

"...And yet, you have quested so hard, perhaps a prize of another sort? Here, hold this gem, touch the following patterns... Do you see it? The hologram represents a region still unexplored by the Imperium along with the way to reach it, I will not tell you all the secrets it holds, yet, there are resources that will be very needed by mankind in the coming centuries. This star system, its fourth world has no flora or fauna, yet it's rich with rare minerals, and there is something else, a relic of a better time, built in the event of an unthinkable war... Make of the planet a Forgeworld, your Forgeworld. Stay true to your Emperor, and perhaps in a time of need I may see you again, farewell questing Magos, I too must find my prize..."

Re: The Book of the Stars [small tales]

Posted: 13 January 2017, 05:17
by McNash
State of Oblivion
There is not much time left, the twin suns are gone, the ravagers... they stole them, and this barren orb will soon die frozen into the stellar void, I must sleep and hope the ark-bastion endures, the signal is ready, it will take centuries and the Omnissiah's blessing for them to hear my cry for help, the warp anomalies needed for this experiment has condemned me to isolation... I fear what I will find next, despite the dogma and the augmentations I visited upon my flesh I cannot measure existence in that state akin to Oblivion, and yet perhaps that is for the better, for what happens if the nightmares of this dying galaxy echo through my dreams? For I know the true, the Imperium is dying, the device is heretical and my soul may be blighted forever, and yet all the calculations are correct, the predictions too coherent, I can only hope they will be heard, alas I know the brand of heresy may be my only reward, that and merciful Oblivion.

Re: The Book of the Stars [small tales]

Posted: 06 February 2017, 04:37
by McNash
The Coming of the Darkness
I wait, I see the approaching darkness and the terrible ordeals, it shouldn't have happened, we worked so hard to make this an Age of Light, but ultimately I couldn't hold it all together, time simply ran out... Our worlds, the stars we conquered with our own blood, they are now drawn in horror and despair, and there will be no escape,we, I must endure, my mind shall be a fortress, my strength, the weave that holds together the hopes of mankind.