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Re: Matchmacking

Postby BrianDavion » 21 April 2016, 20:46

Oberendgegner wrote:Well, so the game is released and the matchmaker is still a joke :(
I love this game, but the mm is a disgrace.

given our beta multiplayer accounts where wiped and that proably means our W/L records too I imagine matchmaking is gonna see hardened veterns going up against rookies.

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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Oberendgegner » 22 April 2016, 05:53

BrianDavion wrote:given our beta multiplayer accounts where wiped and that proably means our W/L records too I imagine matchmaking is gonna see hardened veterns going up against rookies.

While this may be part of the problem. I had several 2v2 matches where we would go with our level 2 ships against 2 enemy fleets with only level 4+ ships, which were fully kitted out with favours and stuff. We were set up as the attacker in a breakthrough and as compensation we received 15 bonus points each. Much wow!

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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Serenissima » 24 April 2016, 02:02

Haven't had a single game tonight on new level 1 accounts (first time I've played since the wipe) against an opponent lower than level 6, unfortunately, which has led to the light cruisers getting murdered by battlecruisers.
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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Varag » 25 April 2016, 23:50

Would it be possible to take into account ships currently available for the choice of the game points pool?

It's a waste of time for both players when one of them is playing a 600 points game with 2 light cruisers and full escort ships due to the rest of its fleet being in repair...
Maybe a rule like: max game points pool must be inferior to total line ships currently available?

By the way the idea behind that is not to play 300 points game against level 2 admirals with noob ships. The level of admirals should still stay the first match criteria. I guess there are at any time a lot of "recovering" fleets from every level looking for a game, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Spector » 26 April 2016, 05:58

Varag wrote:Would it be possible to take into account ships currently available for the choice of the game points pool?


Have been thinking about this my self. Since escorts are close to worthless playing only low point games when half of my fleet is on repair or lost in the warp would solve this problem.
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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Varag » 26 April 2016, 16:48

Typical multiplayer experience in BFG:

I have all my ships (IN, level 7), matchmaking find me a 700 points game against almost full xp chaos level 8. My fleet is torn to pieces.

Next game I have a cruiser and 2 light cruisers, matchmaking find me another 700 points game against an ork level 8, what am I supposed to do?
I deploy my 2 light cruisers and a swarm of escort ships. Hide my cruisers in a neb waiting for warp to be available. Much fun.
If the matchmaking managed to pick a 300 points game I could have play it normally.

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Re: Matchmacking

Postby TheWorldSmith » 27 April 2016, 02:02

Matchmaking really needs to be sorted. I want to have a load of fun in multiplayer, I really do, and love the idea that I can - but the pain and suffering I'm enduring from poor matchmaking is unbearable.
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Re: Matchmacking

Postby TYP » 27 April 2016, 21:01

I think the issue goes beyond matchmaking. I'm having fun with multiplayer, and will probably go play again once I finish writing this, but more than a few games have not been fun because of how lopsided they were, both in my favor and in my opponents favor. The biggest problem is that upgrades do not increase the value of ships; this is completely broken. A level 1 anything is not the same as a level 6 (or god forbid 10) ship of the same class, and even extra points don't even the field. I'm sure everyone here has a similar story, of both getting spanked and also spanking a newer player (or profile), knowing they never had a chance against your ships.

And honestly, that's not that big of a problem; one sided battles can be fun, where you try to pull off some small victory against your opponent before you're destroyed. The problem is that after you lose, your ships are busted or lost in the warp, you have to pay to repair them, you may not get xp because they were destroyed, and all in all you find yourself at an even larger disadvantage in the next game. I would happily fight level 10 admirals if I weren't going to be punished for it.

Here are the changes I'd like to see:

1. Change persistence for ship damage to an opt-in league. Do this and 90% of the complaints will go away, and when players are up against a superior foe they'll just have fun with it.

2. Find a way for upgrades to be included in the point value of a ship. Duh. I'm shocked and amazed that this wasn't brought up and fixed during beta, because it seems so obvious. In TT, you pay for upgrades to your ship; did they think it would be different on a computer?

3. Change the game lobby to allow for customization. If I have only one capital ship left after being spanked, and my next game is a 660 pt cruiser clash, I'm screwed, and it won't even be fun. Rolling for scenarios is a bit weak but I can live with it; having no ability to change the number of points I want to play is not okay. And again, if Tindalos wants to enforce the matchmaking restrictions, let it be an opt-in ranked league, and let the rest of us have a bit of say in the games we play.

The other option here is to create one off games where you and your opponent agree to a set number of points AND a set amount of renown. If both those numbers are equal, then the fight should be too.

4. Give us a way to leave the game from the lobby. I know this will be abused, but again, opt-in league. I play Eldar primarily, and I know there are plenty of people that groan when they see that, and you know what? Fair enough. Sometimes you don't want to deal with the kind of game that comes with certain opponents, or play against an admiral four levels above you, and that's fine. You shouldn't be forced to play a game you don't want to play; after all, you paid them, not the other way around.

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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Sovereign » 29 May 2016, 13:03

I've never been too upset about fight particular factions or scenarios. Orks can be outrun, Chaos can be caught, Eldar can be boxed in.

I think what the matchmaking could really use is a way to match the levels of comparable admirals. When a lower level admiral with 2 light cruisers and a single escort gets thrown up against a seasoned veteran with a battleship it's a pointless contest. If both players had the same (or similar) admiral levels then at least there's a good chance that both players will have something equivalent to put on the table and the choice of ships becomes a tactical decision.

When I'm levelling a new fleet and come up against an upgraded battleship with escorts, I just warp out. There's no reason to get my ships wrecked on a forlorn hope and no one wants to play a game where battles don't happen.

Lower level admirals just don't have the variety ships needed to compete.

For example, take games like World of Tanks, you don't get tiers one and ten in the same fights because they just can't compete. Both tanks are balanced at THEIR OWN level, but against each other is a forgone conclusion every single time.
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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Beernchips » 30 May 2016, 18:35

Supposedly, MM is taking admiral levels into account as first criteria for finding an opponent. (It was implemented in a patch some times ago)
The problem is that if no comparable level admiral is found, the MM will enlarge the search.
You have +5% fleet points for each level difference but sometimes it is not enough to compensate the difference lvl 1 LC vs experienced BC/BB for example
Currently the MM is highly depend of the playerbase and the 5% fleet points is not really adapted to compensate the higher class ships AND the higher XP on ships.
I think, in addition to the admiral difference, the game should compare the cumulated level of all ships in dock of both players and give a bonus to the lower one.
Like that it could help to compensate also the ships level difference
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