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Mr Morden
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Re: Formations

Postby Mr Morden » 23 April 2016, 17:39

I seem to remember it worked fine in my old Star Trek Aramda games - isn't this the same basic engine?

They also had planets and different nebula and ............
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Re: Formations

Postby Serenissima » 23 April 2016, 20:56

fubbit wrote:Just popping in to support this idea in spirit.

The problems from Closed Beta seem to have come from trying to make formations into some sort of unit.

Perhaps just keeping the geometry of the formation but leaving the other systems as they are currently would be more feasible?

Even just an "Escort" function for escorts would be amazing. =)

In the original tabletop game, formations had certain mechanical benefits due to the way the tabletop game worked - specifically they could combine their turret fire, and hits were distributed across the formation rather than to individual ships in certain rulesets. This isn't what I'm suggesting or asking for - as this is a computer game, these mechanical abstractions to allow multiple ships' turrets to defend one another don't need to be in, since the turrets fire automatically when enemy strike craft or torpedoes come near regardless.

All that's needed is a way to better control our ships and avoid all the battles just being huge close-range brawls, as they are now. Matching speed, escort functions, and being able to set formations - even just 'maintain formation' as a toggle where they'll stay in the same position relative to each other - all are ways of doing this, and it's the game's single biggest weakness at present.

If the devs were trying to directly implement the formation bonuses from tabletop in addition to just the natural benefits from them moving together in sync, I can see maybe why they argued it was unbalanced. But that's not needed or even wanted. Just more control of how our ships move.
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