Glaring typo in tutorial!

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Glaring typo in tutorial!

Postby Kal » 11 March 2016, 15:41


I was watching the video TheXPGamers just posted on their channel (, lusting over this technological horror you've created, when I spotted a typo!

The title of the Comissar should read Commissar with double M and double S! Typos in the dialogue happens, and I don't want to be pedantic, but I'd like to see this corrected! I feel it warrants correction because of the placement of the typo (every time the commissar speaks) and the sheer iconic nature of the commissars. It's kind of awful to see trivial flaws in an otherwise wholesome and faithful product of the franchise!

In the dictionary:

And here's Lexicanum confirming that Warhammer 40K conforms to the traditional spelling:

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Re: Glaring typo in tutorial!

Postby Xenohenheim » 11 March 2016, 18:04

Hi Kal,

The typo will be fixed in a further update.

Thanks for the post ! ;)

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Re: Glaring typo in tutorial!

Postby BrianDavion » 12 March 2016, 02:57

Also you guys spelled Ensign wrong early on, you spelled it Ensien or something like that.

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