Critical prow damage

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Critical prow damage

Postby Ahzek Ahriman » 05 June 2016, 22:36

I've been wondering for a while now: why isn't ship's prow officially counted among critical points? I mean it's obviously a critical spot that can be destroyed but can't be chosen as a critical priority in the ship's menu, nor is it protected by belt armour upgrade. It's weird to me. Prow is for many ships a very important "system", and it's destruction can be very crippling.

For Despoiler it means 2 out of 4 ordnance bays and super heavy prow lance, which means roughly 50% of its long range damage output.
For Emperor it's loss of its massive augur array.
For any Imperial ship with Nova Cannon it's obvious blow, though not as heavy by this point of the battle.
For Orkz whatever favour weapon they have plus potentially heavy/super heavy kannonz.
Torpedo launchers for any ship.

It's a very vital point for any ship and I believe players should have more influence on it's whereabouts both offensively and defensively, giving it the same amount of focus as engines/generator/deck/generally weapons would be a good idea, unless I'm missing some factor here.

It's annoying when I take a lucky crit to my capital ship, which had one upgrade slot sacrificed for belt armour, two battles in a row. Conversely, I'd love to increase the chances that my shock troops are really successful and disable that pesky Despoiler or prevent that 10k micro jump on Emperor.
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Re: Critical prow damage

Postby malcontent333 » 06 June 2016, 22:52

It's counted as a weapons point for critical damage. If you focus on weapons, you include the prow in that assortment of targets.
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