Multiplayer Campaigns

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Multiplayer Campaigns

Postby CaptainHarlock » 05 June 2016, 19:27

how about the Idea of Multiplayer Campaigns... 1 player per faction or whatever... Free For All Campaign, or Co-op Campaign could be fun...

Co-op would be limited to 2 players but PVP could be up to however many races there are available at the time (if you have the DLC) so at release of the Tau Fleet it could be 6 Players each playing a different race fighting on a Campaign Map for control of a sector.... might take longer to play out BUT it IS a neat direction to go....

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Re: Multiplayer Campaigns

Postby Cyke » 15 June 2016, 07:25

Many variants on this idea. Regardless, I do believe a successful implementation of a working multiplayer meta-campaign is something that could double or triple the longetivity of the game and thus secure the sales of any future DLCs.

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Re: Multiplayer Campaigns

Postby ErikModi » 23 June 2016, 01:07

Heck, even Risk-style Single Player campaigns where you can play any race/faction (like the Dawn Of War expansions) would be nice. Once that framework is done, adding multiplayer support to it (co-op, versus, or a combination of both) would be easier.

And yes, it would vastly increase the replay value, and thus longevity, of the game.

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Re: Multiplayer Campaigns

Postby BanjoJohn » 23 June 2016, 15:42

Yes I agree with this, and have suggested it many times.

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