An Idea on Eldar Holo-Fields

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An Idea on Eldar Holo-Fields

Postby Aliasofall » 04 June 2016, 07:56

Now before I get the proverbial brightlance to the face I have an idea on the eldars Holofields. Now going by lore wise the Holo fields are meant to displace the visual position of the ship and make it damn near impossible to hit the ship unless you perform saturation fire on the area.

The Holo fields right now only do a quarter of the lore justice with the accuracy reduction build up as you move but the eldar holofields still work even when they arent moving ex. Harlequins,Falcons, etc.

Idea 1.Have the holo fields at full at all times but with increasing fire it drains them away. This would mean focus firing an eldar ship increases the chances of hitting while still helping the eldar maintain a position without having the constantly try and run and make a assault run and positioning work. Pro much easier use of Holo Fields and keeps the shots missed chance high. Con Holo fields no longer stay at maximum while moving.

Idea 2. Add a dodge chance. The idea here is that along with the lower accuracy on the enemy weapons the Holo field can give the ship a chance to miss a shot completely based on the available holo field bar. The effect would show a mirage like effect every time the effect occoured also tying into the lore with the targeting systems mis identifying the ships location. Pro adds an extra dodge chance increasing survivability at closer range. Con makes abilities like nova cannon,slaanesh favor, and traktor much more valuable in fights along with missles which would guarantee hits.

These are ideas not demands or requests I really like the Eldar (until Tyranids come out and steal my favoritism) and would love to see the holofield feel more then just a buff but actually have some kind of visual effect.

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Re: An Idea on Eldar Holo-Fields

Postby Cyke » 15 June 2016, 07:34

I believe that, conceptually, the holofields are already supposed to work like #2 (dodge chance).
Well, not an actual "dodge", but the ship turns out to not be precisely at the location the enemy gunner successfully placed his shot.

The visuals simply don't reflect this, and if it wasn't too much effort to implement, I suppose it would be nice to see it visually represented somehow.

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