A UI change proposal

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A UI change proposal

Postby Marwynn » 06 May 2016, 16:15

To quote Ser Davos, "apologies for what you're about to see".

This change attempts to address a few things:

- Show which weapons are located where, on the ship diagram itself. The ship diagram has been enlarged. This will help with identifying battle damage much more easily.
- Move the Upgrades to the right side, giving it plenty of room
- Below the Upgrades would be the ship's Favour
- On the right, the info panel has its text (crudely) enlarged to make it easier to read

At a glance, I can tell which side of the ship is heavily damaged and which weapons have been knocked out. Icons can be placed, or parts of the ship turned red if the engines were destroyed, etc. I haven't actually noticed if it does this already.


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Re: A UI change proposal

Postby Turest » 07 May 2016, 07:16

I really like this. I did wonder why they bother having the hologram of the ship at the bottom if it doesn't change to reflect damage. would save alot of camera faffing about mid battle to see which broadside has exploded. in ranked this is almost required i think. since TC wont be there (which im fine with) we need a fast way to gain intel on our ships status

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Re: A UI change proposal

Postby TheWorldSmith » 07 May 2016, 07:40

This is absolutely necessary and should've been there from the beginning. I can't think of any reason why this shouldn't happen.
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