Planetary assault changes to make it planetary bombardment

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Planetary assault changes to make it planetary bombardment

Postby Deuzerre » 01 May 2016, 12:53

This is a rather big suggestion to planetary assault that could be very interesting.

The defender has a base (a true base in the middle of the map, able to send fighters, etc... to the enemy fleet) and can deploy minefields, but has -20% fleet points to build the fleet.
This is to prevent the drastic defender advantage of the small stations causing stasis against the attacker. The defender can spread out, with its center being quite secured, and the attacker can spread out with more ships, but have difficulties against the center.

The attacker can deploy from both ends of the map, and the defender spawns in the central strip.
This prevents the initial advantage for the defender, given the next suggestion

BOTH sides need to get to the objective, the first having three objectives wins. HOWEVER, when above the objective, the weapon has to be loaded for a time, similarly to a warp jump. This time can be doubled if the generator is destroyed. The attack can be reset by a successful boarding action and/or if the ship has been pushed (rammed) outside of the bombardment area.
This makes it a lot more interesting for both teams. It isn't simply a race to the bombardment area, it also requires planning ahead against boarding, and slowing the enemy so they can't stop you.
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