Advanced Targeting Options

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Advanced Targeting Options

Postby Uksharazad87 » 23 April 2016, 14:42


My suggestion:

to expand the Targeting Priority System (TPS).

At the moment in game you can target four subsystems using the TPS, (Engines, Generators, Weapons and Deck) from reading a post in the "IN Concerns thread" (no.. dont run yet.. here me out!) in regards to Plasma-Macro Batteries i got thinking. Please note, i have not thought of Game-balance yet. so if you like my idea, but feels that it should be balanced in XXX ways, please post! All the *BASIC* names i've come up with would fit well with Imperial ships. But its simply just a name change to Fluffy match it for each Race "Plasma Capacitor Array" very IN, but not what an Ork would have "Moar Rokkits" / "Da Biggest Engine" etc.

Ok the nitty gritty:

When Selecting the Weapons TPS a drop down menu appears allowing you to select from the Following options.

WEAPONS - Not selecting one of the options leaves it at its default setting. Randomly destroying all weapons systems per crit.
  1. Prow Weapon Systems - Your critical on weapon systems will focus on crippling the Prow of the enemy ship, Torps / Zaps / Bombardment cannons / Ram-prows / Ordinance bays etc
  2. Port weapons systems
  3. Starboard weapon systems
  4. Dorsal weapons systems
  5. Ordinance Bays - Fighter and bomber wings as well as Torps
  6. Weapons Batteries - Macro Batteries, Missile systems, Bombardment cannons, Starcannons
  7. Laser Batteries - Lances, Pulsars, Zzaps

GENERATORS - Not selecting one of the options leaves it at its Default setting. Randomly critting Generator subsystems
  1. Primary Shield Generator - Disabling this subsystem destroys the ships shields (or equivalent)
  2. Emergency Capacitors - Crippling this subsystem effects the ships ability to "Warp out"
  3. Energy Distribution Network - Crippling this subsystem suppresses all Generator Linked Skills.

ENGINES - Not selecting one of the options leaves it at its Default setting. Randomly critting Engine subsystems
  1. Primary Plasma Reactor - crippling this subsystem Reduces the ships overall speed
  2. Plasma Capacitor Array - Crippling this subsystem increases the recharge rate of the "fuel" gauge by 50% once drained - For eldar, Triples the cool-down of solar sails

DECK - Not selecting one of the options leaves it at its Default setting. Randomly critting Deck subsystems
  1. Barracks - Crippling this subsystem reduces The troop Value of the effected ship by X and Mutiny chance is increased by X
  2. Primary Bridge - Crippling this subsystem destroys the ships primary bridge, suppressing all Deck skills and Special Orders
  3. Augar Arrays - Crippling this subsystem reduces the ships Detection range

Effects on game-play: This will give a little more control on witch effects you want to cause to an enemy. NO CHANGES to the critical chance's from happening though. Once all the critical's have happened on the Engine, the end result would be the same effect as a fully destroyed engine we have in-game right now. Just that it would require two critical's to destroy the engines. Three for the Deck, three for the generators. I can foresee that this will increase some survivability but also add more depth.

Comments & Critique welcome & wanted.

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Re: Advanced Targeting Options

Postby RwWolf » 23 April 2016, 14:48

I agree with pretty much everything but I would suggest that you'd have to right click to get the drop down menu rather than left click, left click should be more of a panic button.

Edit: Another thing, some sub-systems should be harder to disable, the further inside the ship the hardest it is to get to it.

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Re: Advanced Targeting Options

Postby TheWorldSmith » 27 April 2016, 02:13

I both love and support this idea - especially when it comes to choose which weapons I want to destroy on the enemy ships!
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Re: Advanced Targeting Options

Postby XViper » 27 April 2016, 03:10

I agree with the idea, and think it would be a nice addition to add depth.
I think that specifically targeting these specific sub-systems should add some penalty to chance or accuracy, otherwise it may prove to be a little too powerful.

Think of the ship as a dart board, and each sub-system as a number of that dart board. Each specific sub-system would then be a smaller area (double and triple point rings) of THAT number.

If you're just focusing on hitting that one particular area, you are more likely to hit that area in general, but you're also less likely to hit anything else of any significance.

I'm assuming that these 'sub-choices' would be optional, and if they weren't chosen, the chance to hit any of the sub-choices would be equally spread out over the number available?
Ie. Targetting Engines would give a 50/50 chance to critically hit either the reactor or the array.
If you take in my suggestion above, and you were to select the reactor, you may have a 70% chance to hit the reactor, a 15% chance to hit the array, and a 15% chance to do nothing. (these numbers are open to balance)

As for the specifics, they can certainly be balanced and ironed out.

I'm not particularly fond of this initial suggestion:

Plasma Capacitor Array - Crippling this subsystem increases the recharge rate of the "fuel" gauge by 50% once drained - For eldar, Triples the cool-down of solar sails

That's a 200% penalty to Eldar and only a 50% penalty to the other races.
When Eldar are already easier to cripple, and other races have skills that can immediately refill their gauge.
But as you said, balance is open for discussion!

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Re: Advanced Targeting Options

Postby Grimnir » 27 April 2016, 08:05

Anyone know if targeting subsystems gives a penalty to hit?

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