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Flagship Battle - Admiral vs Admiral

Posted: 19 January 2017, 13:09
by Atherius
Just an idea for a new game mode for Skirmish and PvP.

In a way Flagship Battle is assassination, except that both flagships are objectives. Just as you can hunt down and destroy the enemy flagship to win the oponent will also be able to win by hunting down your flagship. Its a game of prioritizing wether you defend or attack, or split your force. Unlike the normal assassination mission withdrawing your flagship is an automatic loss so the only way to win would be to destroy the enemy flagship. In a way, space chess, where you are hunting for the enemy king. Jumping out of battle would no longer be a winning option, and something you only do if you are going to lose and simply want to save your ship.

Since the goal is to get the feel of a large engagement where one Admiral engages another, I would suggest this is either a 700 or 800 point game, and to be honest 800 point might be better, for the obvious choice for flagship will most likely be a battleship. This would enable fleets to contain multiple vessels despite filling in a battleship in the setup.

In a 2v2 match both Flagships on the oposing team will need to be knocked out.

As for name, Flagship Battle doesn't have the right ring to it; Fleet Engagement, Grand Stand, Admiral Duel or anything that you would feel fitting, could be a good name for it.

Re: Flagship Battle - Admiral vs Admiral

Posted: 19 January 2017, 16:48
by Blexus Falconer
Greetings Atherius,

Suggestion duly noted and submitted to the Dev Team. :)

Thank you!

Re: Flagship Battle - Admiral vs Admiral

Posted: 19 January 2017, 18:57
by Ashardalon
sounds awesome
but hope the flagship isnt autorevealed
as the idea of having to kill a BB while you cant dodge the torps is possibly unbalanced
the idea of having to find then push trough seems a nice mechanic
it would also have the benefit of making it possible to take the risk of leaving your flagship behind hidden while you take the risk with the rest of your ships facing the larger enemy fleet in the attempt to kill the one target

would hope it doesnt have a timer (still curious why it exist in the first place) as the mission doesnt have a clear attacker/defender

Re: Flagship Battle - Admiral vs Admiral

Posted: 20 January 2017, 00:25
by Frothers
Seconded, this sounds pretty nifty. All for the no auto-reveal aspect and no timer.