Planetary Conflict Mission - A different mission idea

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Planetary Conflict Mission - A different mission idea

Postby Frothers » 18 January 2017, 22:14

Just a proposal for a new and somewhat similar mission to the current Planetary Assault mission but hopefully more fun. Whereas the Planetary Assault missions appear to assume that a certain faction owns the planet below already and has deployed four of those little defense stations, so the justification is what occurs when say a conflict is already waging below and there has not been enough time to have any defense stations.

The map layout:
Standard deployment zones on both ends, with the normal assortment of nebulae, asteroids etc. Unlike the normal planetary assault on the mini-map or in the objectives it tells you the bombardment targets will exclusively appear in the center half/third of the map, and if possible 'shrink' to be closer to a center square.

Both the attacker and defender get bombardment targets. Because for both sides the bombardment targets will be in a smaller range near the map center, the timer can be reduced to say 60 seconds from the current 90 seconds for planetary assault missions. Likewise the delay between bombardment targets needs to be reduced to say 15 seconds, the better to reflect the struggle below.

Proposed win conditions:
Reach X number of bombardments before the other side does (call it 7?)
OR Reach Y (say 3?) more bombardments successfully completed than the enemy has
OR wipe out the enemy fleet.

Why it might be fun, or inclusion worthy:
Variety, but also its deeply frustrating when your playing say the IN or Tau and your targets are waaaaaay out of potential reach, and you just end up playing it like a cruiser clash as is, since given the delay alot of times you can just wipe out the AI fleet before they can get the chance for getting all the bombardment targets, or stop you from doing so.

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Re: Planetary Conflict Mission - A different mission idea

Postby Blexus Falconer » 19 January 2017, 11:01

Greetings Frothers,

Thank you for your idea, this is always a good thing to hear some of the community thoughts. :)
I will escalate your suggestion to the high command to see what they think about that.

Again, thank you for your involvement.
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