high explosive convoys?

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high explosive convoys?

Postby Ashardalon » 23 December 2016, 00:16

currently convoys are guaranteed to explode
but people like having them in a tight formation (easyer to control + overlapping defensive fire and smaller target to bodyblock)
and with low convoy HP their explosion doesnt do much vs the cruiser that is ramming them
but it does wreck the voids of the convoys around it making the broadsides of the ship that is now in the middle of the convoy hit hull directly
and the second convoy explosion finishes them off
this causes the convoy guaranteed explosion to be more of a negative then a positive (especially for eldar against who a single proper ram can cause a chain explosion taking out all 6 of the transports but it works vs all)
as i understand it it was added as a way of preventing ramming strats... its not working

not sure how this can be countered, maybe by having a smaller more damaging explosion? or adding 4x fire to ships in base contact while exploding?(the ships fuel reserves and promethium delivery and stuff)

just a suggestion
hoping for other ideas that can make this mission a little more balanced

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