[Game Mode] New Suggestion

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[Game Mode] New Suggestion

Postby Kine² » 21 April 2016, 07:41


Entities: Station A, B and C
- Starts off neutral
- Boarding, Lightning strike, Shokk Attack, Khaine etc to claim ownership
- Once a player 'owns' a station he begins to accrue X points every Y seconds
- Stations can only be claimed if player has atleast one ship within Z distance of targeted station (eg. 2,000 radius)
- Stations can only be claimed after a set amount of time has passed since beginning of match (eg. 60 seconds)

Victory Conditions
- First player to collect N amount of points
- Player with most amount of points after 10 minutes
- Last player standing ie. enemy has been eliminated and or warped out
- In case of a Draw, both players receive equal rewards

For giggles:
- Station(s) owned by a player adopt 'Stances' according to admiral ships's Special Orders
- Reload = stations generates healing aura
- Brace for impact = stations gain immunity to enemy boarding actions
- Lock on = stations automatically fires on enemy ships within range
- Run Silent = Station camouflages friendly ships within range

This makes Admiral ships more important and adds strategic depth not only to ships in the match but also to builds and a couple other less used upgrades.

Balance notes:
- Mobile factions will ofcourse have a slight advantage
- Slower factions are compensated by theoretically being harder to displace once they own a station
- Simultaneous attack and defend requirement means more dynamic interaction hopefully less turtling, running away and more purposeful navigation by both sides with little to no 'cheese' tactics like ramming stuff for fast wins.
- Map can be made into a square but I thought a radial map would be cooler + AI ships flying out of bounds would behave better.

- Typically, matches will see each side scouting the opponent's initial heading then claiming the furthest station for easy capture uncontested ie. A or C
- Then both fleets will fight for the middle to gain the 'winning' points
- Once in a while you get interesting matches where enemy will try to steal undefended station A or C


*This is not an original idea. Many other games uses a variation of this game mode. Feel free to suggest an appropriate name, will update original post and title if able.
no victory without war New Game Mode Suggestion

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Re: [Game Mode] New Suggestion

Postby rekina » 21 April 2016, 08:12

Seriously man, I'd remove all other missions except cruiser clash and just add this to the mission roster if I were devs. I'd love to play this dow2 kind of missions, this will be a lot more balanced than any BFGA missions atm(again, except cruiser clash).

One thing I'm worried is that the game might just (practically) over instantly after the first engagement since people would want to win the initial engagement with their maximum firepower, thus both sides of players will bring all their ships into the first fight and then the game is over before the whole point war even starts.

So it leads to the only conclusion that there should be some kind of destroyed ship respawns, just like dow2. Without ship respawn, the game will never end in a normal way(where a player hits the winning condition points) but almost always will be in an elimination.

Nevertheless, I'd still love to see this gamemode as long as it came out in a good shape. :mrgreen:

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Re: [Game Mode] New Suggestion

Postby Kine² » 24 April 2016, 11:49

no victory without war New Game Mode Suggestion

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