Developer-Community communication? Updates? Questions for the devs?

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Developer-Community communication? Updates? Questions for the devs?

Postby TheWorldSmith » 10 October 2016, 12:07

I kinda hoped that this was rectified a while ago when the developers seemed to have opened themselves to questions and other things, but it's just gone quiet like it was beforehand.

Can we, at the least, have some weekly or bi-weekly updates? I'm not impatient, I'll wait years for a patch, but knowing what the developers are up to is super-significant to retaining an active player base. I can't help but feel like the community is just... Ignored? Anybody else?

I'd write paragraphs about the subject but it's all been said before. All I can really convey right now, that's original, is that I'm very sad when it comes to the current state of interaction and synergy.
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