Hardcore/Ironman mode for multiplayer

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Hardcore/Ironman mode for multiplayer

Postby Bugdung » 19 July 2016, 21:50

Please PLEASE make a hardcore/ironman mode for multiplayer, so when matched with other harcore players.... a ship totally destroyed in battle is replaced by a basic/new ship of that class and loses all levels/upgrades like in the TT!

would make for some interesting gameplay with your prize ships!!

Oh also please fix the 'quit to desktopers' capitulate losing all up to that point rather than a full reset back to menu!

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Re: Hardcore/Ironman mode for multiplayer

Postby Ashardalon » 20 July 2016, 01:57


although dont replace the wrecked one
spend renown to buy a new one after losing
ad some system to restrict to lower point battles when all ships are gone/damaged
if you are not able to buy at least a LC or repair a damaged one, game over
make it hard to reach lvl7 :D :twisted:

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