avid TT player with a few suggestions/ ideas

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avid TT player with a few suggestions/ ideas

Postby Flyingrhinoman » 08 April 2016, 22:27

Having been playing the TT for little more than a decade I have some suggestions for the game

1) torpedoes are okay at damage imho because the have the same damage chance as batteries ime. My problem is that with the spread mechanic its more like a shotgun which goes against how they are used in the TT as ways to focuse hits at medium ranges to get through shields and force maneuvers. Only thing I want fixed is that they have tighter grouping.

2) I like how the movement bar is in theory but I think it would be better of it required a little more skill to manage. I would test at making accessing the bar a skill with a similar to the others so its use to AHF or CTNH not both at once makes it more of a risk to ram and use maneuvers because it opens up counter play if you get to eager ram. This also allows for the races to be more different tactically. I like the way the works work as in the TT the could do AHF when ever they wanted but not over and over again like the current meta. Also you could keep it for elder as a recharable skill based on how far they move because they can collect solar power. Again makes sense.

3) this is more about abilities in general. I like the abilities but I think they are slightly overbearing at the moment and so I suggest they act more like special orders where only one can be used at a time so its much more important to think in advance about what skills are needed and prevents wambo combos that are inescapable. For example it forces player to choose between stasis bomb and mjw so if you stasis bomb and the person dodges then you cannot reposition quickly and have to face the consequences of screwing up your initiate

4)escorts must be cheaper it should be like 4escorts for a cruiser instead of three and up to ten escorts for the price of a battleship. As they are expebable what to be able to field less cap ships while retain fleet strength.

5) a big part of the TT is that being hit slowed you down makeing maneuvers much more important. I propose that ships shields are broken down into segments and as those segments are depleted the ship loses speed with the max speed lost being in the 15-25% range. Forces you to play to you strength and allows for fleets to use different strategies. Like chaos can kite better but since the speed with alhf is cut it means they needs this it also allows Imperium ships to slow them down as the are getting into range. Also propose damage mitigation on shields equivalent to aremour facing like TT.

6) this is my TT speaking but I like the tac cog alot but I think it is under utilized as a mechanic integral to the game. I propose that abilities that don't come standard to the ship can only be accessed from the tac cog and that once a player has used it he must wait for either those skills to com of cd or his opponent to use tag cog before he can use it again this is aimed at spending more time maneuvering your ships and less time hammering buttons also forces fleets to be much more balanced as it forces the player to prepare for unforeseen counters and makes fleet comp more important than actual ship abilities

Just some suggestions from an avid TT player who is enjoying the game a lot any way.
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Re: avid TT player with a few suggestions/ ideas

Postby Azrael » 09 April 2016, 03:11

That is a lot of suggestions that will change core mechanics of the game, and this close to release I think the answer you will get to all of them is "No."

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