Chaos Marines

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Ahzek Ahriman
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Re: Chaos Marines

Postby Ahzek Ahriman » 24 June 2016, 22:57

At any rate, if favours don't get reworked into legions (which I don't find necessary), then at least the new Chaos Space Marines upgrade should be buffed.
It should be similar to Surgical Strike perk of Space Marines, -10 troop value when assaulting, and perhaps quadrupled instead of doubled chance to take out targeted system.
The second one could make the upgrade a bit OP, but -10 troop value sounds very reasonable since it's a bit underwhelming now, and chaos space marines should NOT be significantly inferior to space marines, ESPECIALLY when on attack.
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Re: Chaos Marines

Postby Spartan-089 » 27 June 2016, 04:33

I second this, they should rework Chaos and implement a cosmetic system like space marines where you can choose from 5 traitor legions (obvious candidates are Thousand Sons, World Eaters, Death Guard, Emperors Children, and Black Legion) Personally Id like to see Iron Warriors.

Either that or leave standard chaos as is, add a "new" faction which would be Chaos Space Marines and just have it be a copy of Space Marines with the aforementioned legions with with Chaos asthetics and differently named favors that do the same things.

Its already established in the lore that Chaos Space Marines also have battle barges and captured strike cruisers in adition to their heresy era ships.
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Re: Chaos Marines

Postby Scorch715 » 27 June 2016, 13:59

Its also established in lore that space marines do still possess IN or heresy-era vessels, but you won't see them in game because it effects balance to give one faction ships from another. Besides, adding another basically identical faction when people are waiting for new races and balances for current ones is never going to happen.

I like the idea of giving each Chaos the ability to choose their allegiance from the Traitor Legions though. It would fit in with the other factions as well, like different Battlefleets for the navy and clans for the Orks. I don't know much about Eldar Corsairs but I assume there are distinct factions as well. Rename some of the favours and everything is sorted

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